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Trevor Lyman Email: A 2012 Moneybomb Calendar

Ron Paul Needs Money Each Month To Win The Race - A 2012 MoneyBomb Calendar

LegalizeGoldAndSilver.com - June 5th Ron Paul Moneybomb

On June 5th, 1933 the U.S. Congress abolished the United States' use of the gold standard by enacting a joint resolution (48 Stat. 112) nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment of Federal Reserve notes in gold. Historically Gold, Silver and other precious metals have always maintained their value whereas paper/fiat currencies like the U.S. Federal Reserve note have not. Today, while the value of the paper Federal Reserve note plummets, it is illegal for Americans to use Gold, Silver or other precious metals as currency. Is this freedom? Ron Paul doesn't think so.

Please join us this June 5th in support of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign for the "Legalize Gold And Silver" moneybomb. Please visit www.LegalizeGoldAndSilver.com to pledge (via email or facebook) and for more information.

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Learning from the past

On November 5th, 2007 our community raised $4.3 million dollars for Ron Paul's campaign. The media blitz that ensued afterwards was epic. Six weeks later we held another moneybomb on Sunday, Dec. 16th and raised $6.1 million dollars in a single day. The media barely covered the story. Additionally in the weeks of the build up to the Dec. 16th moneybomb (a six week time span from Nov 5th to Dec 16th) the campaign sent out an email asking for money NOW rather than later, six weeks was too long to wait. As a result we set up the moneybomb called "Rudy's Reading List" as a middle ground to help get cash to the campaign right away.

The lessons we should take from this are twofold.

1.) While money raised during moneybomb's will always get press the excitement of the story is not as strong as it was during the moneybomb's first appearance. So rather than going for a flash in the pan big money bomb we need to adopt a "sure and steady wins the race" approach. Especially considering the fact that...

2.) The campaign needs money every month.

As a solution to the lessons learned from the past we are rolling out a monthly moneybomb calendar for the Ron Paul campaign during the 2011-12 presidential race. Yes, we should strive to raise as much money as we can during each event and I do believe we can reach the ten million per month mark before too long (perhaps even more), but more importantly we need to give the campaign a constant flow of money to work with. Consider all the media buys and event planning they must do. Having random fundraising events that are spaced at odd intervals will make their task much more difficult, whereas a steady flow of money from us will allow them to plan and predict according to perceived capabilities. Steady money each month will help the campaign run more efficiently and effectively during the election cycle.

Below is a list of the moneybomb pages we have so far (a few more to be added shortly). We welcome your feedback and may change dates based on your input (nothing is set in stone). Currently we have placeholder graphics at each of these web pages. We will add full graphics shortly. In the meantime please pledge to the efforts you will be supporting as the pledge boxes are live. We will report the number of pledges as they come in.

All moneybombs will include a live all day radio marathon with distinguished hosts and guests. Schedules to be announced. Up to three additional moneybomb dates may be announced.

In 2007-08, when we were much smaller, we held a few money bombs within a few months raising over fifteen million dollars. Now Ron Paul has won CPAC twice, CampaignForLiberty is over six hundred thousand strong and we can and must be a financial force to win. Remember, Barack Obama is planning on a billion dollar war chest this race. The time to get energized is NOW! Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Barack Obama this election cycle and he is also in the best position he has even been in to win the Republican nomination. Let's give the campaign a steady, monthly flow of cash and get as close to ten million per month as quickly as possible.

Please spread the word about this moneybomb and pledge today. Thank you for your support at this critical time in our nations history.


Trevor Lyman

P.S. If you are a blogger and you make a blog post promoting this event please send me the link so I can include it in the next email blast.

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July 4th

I think more money bombs is good, we will have more supporters. However I do not think that we should have one on July 4th. First off people will be doing other things. Secondly it is to close to July 19th. That will give people time to save up for July 19th to be a HUGE one. If we focus on July 19th to be a big one, I think it will also help take some of the heat off you Trevor.

money bomb calendar

so what's the consensus on this? was there a poll that i missed?

i think it's a good idea. it is LESS fun, but it's more practical for the campaign.

Money Bomb Support and Veteran's Day Question

I plan to contribute $100 to each monthly bomb, including 11 Nov.

Many ex-soldiers could certainly benefit if we take "real actions to help our Veterans," as Trevor recommends. But should I devote precious time to aiding individuals Laurence Vance ("War Hero or War Criminal," http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance149.html)and others convincingly view as war criminals? I would rather assist Ron Paul end the U.S. mission of starting and widening wars.

Make sense?

Once Ron Announces On May 13th We should have no

problem getting 50 to 100,000 Contributers every Money Bomb. That is 20.12 times 50,000..

No one can raise this kind of money except Rummy, Trump and obama yo mama..

Lets have one on Sept 29th also . Ludwig von Mises' birthday

We can bring money in and also bring great publicity to Mises and thus the Austrian School and thus the real concepts and ideas behind the revolution.

Will Monthly MoneyBombs burn out donors / reveal weakness or....

...sustain the campaign?

Monthly Ron Paul Money Bombs?

Trevor Lyman recently declared that rather than have few big number, high impact, Money Bombs, that Frequent, Low number, repetitive Money Bombs would be better.

PROS: Monthly provides the campaign with sustained funding
CONS: Donor Exhaustion would cause unmet/decreasing totals resulting in negative press, and loss of momentum.

Leave your answer/comment below:
1. Fewer, Big number, high impact, Money Bombs
2. Frequent, low number, repetitive Money Bombs

Or cast your vote for what you think is better:

It's not just about how much, but also when.

Scheduling all these moneybombs in an effort to bring in money is based on the assumption that only a moneybomb will raise money for the campaign. This is ludicrous. Most of Ron Paul's funds were not raised on moneybomb days last go around. If you have moneybombs scheduled every month, people will wait to donate. It is much better to tell people to donate right away. Why do we have to tell the campaign when they are getting their money? Let them take care of the when!

A moneybomb is a STUNT not a STRATEGY!!

at first..

The idea turned me off. How about a compromise of $20.12. I can afford that each month. Remember the average last time was less than $100. We will be bringing alot of new faces. If we keep the donation pledge low our numbers should grow each month. Asking people to donate regularly will work if we don't ask for much. I like the dates. It keeps us on the issues and important dates.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

$600.000,000+ Ron Paul Campaign Chest!

$20.12 each week for 52 weeks equals $1,046.24 per person for the year. With C4L membership @ over 600,000+ that's a potential campaign chest of $627,744,000 from just the C4L membership alone.

With that kind of cash Dr. Paul could not be denied a "serious" candidate by the MSM! Also, imagine the comparison of RP's campaign chest at two thirds of Obama's attempted at $1B from the smallest donations and with out (or before) the large corporate contributions... OMG!

We could forget the money bombs if we could achieve this, but why not have a few anyway for the general population - $6-10 M a pop!

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Your talking numbers, I like it.

when you say $20.12 each week for 52 weeks, I start thinking that, maybe that is too much.

How about $50 bucks a month, that's $600 a year per person.

Multiply by 600,000 Campaign for Liberty members, and that equals 360 Million dollars.

If we can't win the Presidency with 360 million dollars, then we can't win the Presidency.

Regular monthly donations, that could be budgeted for in advance. 50 a month is easier than 80 a month.


Well liberty and freedom are important, but let's create a personal reward for those who would participate.

If you are a member of the Hell's Angels, the most respected members, that nobody messes with, are called the 1 per centers. What does that mean? It means that 1% of the Hell's Angels have been so bad that they have actually killed someone.

I am not advocating violence, but the most respect, is reserved for those who actually put their liberty and freedom on the line, by acting out their core beliefs.

Now obviously, the Ron Paul supporters don't believe in killing someone to attain the status of a 1 per center, but giving 50 bucks a month to liberty, and you will be known as a 1 per center.

Why, because all it would take is 1 per cent of the U.S. population to give 50 bucks a month and Dr. Paul could have, let's see 300 million total population, 1% of which is
3 million times 50 bucks a month = 150 million dollars a month times 12 months = 1.8 BILLION DOLLARS.

You could run these numbers with any values you choose, but the result is quite substantial.

Monthly donations directly to RonPaul2012.com are the way to go in my opinion.

But we should build a mystique around the fact that the people who donate monthly are the 1 per centers.

It would require some kind on emblem or insignia.

Patches for jackets? T-shirts? Hats?

Just a thought, would like to hear comments, thanks.

How it might be achieved.

I agree, a lesser amount might be equally powerful. I happen to like the 2012 relationship to the gift amount for no other reason than I like it, but it certainly doesn't have to be that at all.

But because I like it, I will use it for illustration purposes. From the little I know about fundraising, there is one strategy where the campaign actively tries to obtain specific numbers of gifts at particular levels that makes a rough pyramid shape -lots of small gifts at the bottom and a few really large gifts at the top. This I believe is an inappropriate structure (or image) for the RP crowd. So think about this as an idea:

Daily pledge of $2.012 x 365 days = $734.38/year ($61.20/month) - 200,000 of these would bring in $146,876,000/year ($12,239,666.67/month)

Weekly pledge of $20.12 x 52 weeks = $1046.24/year ($87.19/month) - 200,000 of these would bring in $209,248,000/year ($17,437,333.33/month)

Monthly money bombs from these two pledge groups alone would have the potential to produce $29,677,000/month or $356,124,000/year.

Quarterly pledge of $201.20 x 4 = $804.80/year - 200,000 of these would bring in $40,240,000/quarter and $160,960,000/year.

Add this to each of four monthly pledge totals and that's $69,917,000 four times a year. BANG! Watch those Fox-gal's heads spin!

Then 100,000 Yearly pledges of $2,012.00 and that's an extra $201,200,000 on top of the previous $517,084,000 total for a grand total of $718,284,000.

Even with half these figures Ron Paul would blow their F'ing socks off. The MSM would be speechless, and the campaign would reach a deafening and irresistible fever pitch drawing in x,000,000 new supporters.

I think this scenario is achievable with the populations that exist as long as it is highly organized with structured goals, ubiquitous promotion, and a huge buy-in from our Ron Paul and Liberty communities.

Now I need a cup of coffee to calm down, I'm so excited. Please improve or refine the idea.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Where the power is.

The power of our fundraising potential is perhaps the combination of planned periodic giving at varying degrees that are comfortable for every one, through the powerful and striking impact of the Money Bomb.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Here is what will happen...

"Aww man, ANOTHER Moneybomb?! I've got nothing left!" *cue politically inspired emotional depression*

This plan would be just fine if you didn't call them moneybombs. If you make them benchmarks instead, it could work.

And here's my biggest concern. You've set these dates based on your assessment of what the campaign will need. However, only the campaign will know when and how much money they'll need. And just like last time, they will ask for it. It seems to me, that a combination of a few moneybombs with campaign driven fundraising is the best way to go. If you have the money to donate, do it now! There is no need to wait! We don't need a media stunt to get attention this time around, which is what the term 'moneybomb' implies. Dr. Paul has been doing interviews non-stop for 4 years! What we need is money and more importantly, VOTES!

It would be an unnecessary struggle to tie the official campaign's hands behind their back. We are the grassroots and we are innovative. Repeating the same old gimmicks because they "worked" is not in our nature. Focus on the goal. We are no longer underdogs!

I said the same thing below

I said the same thing below in more detail. too many money bombs too soon are a road to failure. We saw this the last election.

Having a money bomb during 4th of july weekend is a terrible idea as well.

i like your plan...BUT

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!!!!

The November 11th bomb should be changed to Nov. 5th.

Why would we not embrace a date that stated it all?

November 5th is a date this movement should embrace and make our own.

Trevor Lyman's picture

I saw some conversations

I saw some conversations about these two dates and people really seemed to like Veterans Day. I'm all for either date. We've still got some time. I suppose before November comes I'll send out a call for a vote and we can finalize it that way.

Good point

2 more lesson's learned!

1. The many short notice money bombs did not bring in much money when compared to the "long notice" ones.

2. Inspiring money bomb videos were very effective information broadcasts which both recruited donations AND informed the public on Ron Paul's position. We need lots of these!!!!

Nice work Trevor


"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

July 4th-5th -

July 4th-5th - www.IndependenceDayBomb.com (two day moneybomb to cover Independence Day)
July 19th or 26th - www.ReadyAmesFire.com (this moneybomb is not organized by us, final date to be announced)

Can we just have the 4th? Having 2 money bombs within 2 weeks is intense. I think its better to have one big one than 2 small ones...its only 2 weeks apart, Dr.Paul wont run out of money by then.

Other than that I like the calendar.


That's too much. I like the 2 day July 4/5th date.


I'd rather just do one, i say the later one.

Ok so I'm going to change my moneybomb strategy

Pretty sure I can do $100 per bomb.

The only bombs that the US

The only bombs that the US should be dropping in Ron Paul money bombs!

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Trevor's back!

I think, after reading your post, that this is a fine idea, and should allow for a steady stream of funds for Ron Paul 2012. I donated to both main 2007 Money Bombs last time, and I'm glad to see you back on the scene, Trevor. Our base from the last campaign is still with us (I hope), now we need to get more people involved. 10 mil per month? I can see it happening, and wouldn't the media be aghast if that happened?!


Happy Libertarian

Vote up in REDDIT!

Vote up in REDDIT!




Great Idea Trevor, Very Helpful for Budgeting

Thank you Trevor for setting up a series of money bombs. It will really help my personal budgeting. I intend to donate the legal maximum to Ron Paul's campaign and I want to help each moneybomb to be successful. So now I can more easily budget my donations to do both. Great idea.

Just a thought

I cannot honor a pledge of $100 or more for the next MB so I won't pretend I can, but I do like the counter for that. Any chance of getting lesser amounts also? Like so many $20.12 pledges, so many $50 pledges, etc...

Like I said, just a thought.

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***


I agree. If we do too many money bombs, they lose their WOW factor, and people might ultimately start donating less. We should have two types of donating available.....one option to donate via regular contributions much like you might pay your electric bill monthly, on the same day, every month and with less hype (all pre-determined in advance)...So it will still bring in a lot of money, and on a regular basis, but won't wear people out with the "money bomb" hype so often....

and the money bomb option that we pump up, do less often (like quarterly), with greater impact and make HUGE (like that special thing you've been saving up for)!!!!!

So, what if we did this:

"Dollar Day" ----the 1st of every month (or whatever day, but just one day each month where everyone can make their "regular donation"..(we could still realistically get $1 million a month, maybe even greater)


"Money Bomb" ----quarterly on a significant date with CRAZY hype and huge numbers (like $5 million or greater!)


20.12 Donations

What a great idea $ 20.12
People could donate $ 20.12 per week, every week.

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