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Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto - May 13th.

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Sounds like they slowed his audio/video down. Not by much, but I have listened to weeks worth of his voice and this sounds a little slower (by 6% maybe?).

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I hope people were paying attention when Ron said we need to

bring our troops home before we get runaway inflation.


Good line on Medicare

I like this new angle on Medicare. It makes the calls of "extremist" much more difficult to back up. How can you call the guy who says he wants to "salvage" medicare extreme, especially in Republican circles? Ron has felt this way for quite some time that there needs to be a transition. These systems can be worn away and gradually supported by private means. But Ron always made it sound like he wanted an immediate end and he would leave old people suffering. The new spin will work wonders for the campaign. They should continue this along the same lines with other issues.

Its Time To Get Ron Paul On Leno Again..what say you?

Leno likes Ron Paul..Time to move to the "Big Jay"

Turn it around

When asked if he would support another GOP candidate if he's not nominated, RP should respond, "Ask the other candidates if they'd support me when I win the nomination."

I liked it. I thought Cavuto

I liked it. I thought Cavuto MUCH more respectful. We (YET again) need to quell some of our (righteous) negativity and get ON with it. Ron is not negative! He never complains about his interviews! He goes on shows some of us think he should NEVER be on..LOL. Let's be positive about what he is saying and doing, better and better!

Yes, I realized from Ron Paul

Yes, I realized from Ron Paul the power of being able to say what you want, come what may. He answers their stupid gotcha question about heroin and if the people are too stupid to see what he is offering then they deserve what they get...at least he got the message out and got people thinking. But maybe people won't be so stupid and there may be many who see the propaganda machine for what it is and many minds and hearts may be won over by truth and reason.

Totally Agree

Keep it moving forward.

Those that are not aware of the true status of this country HAVE to deny the "crazy" things he's saying because to accept what he's saying is a pretty rude awakening.

Very well put, I'll remember

Very well put, I'll remember thisone!

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FOX ON THE RUN.............

It amazes me! I dunno if it's just this network, or what. I don't watch network TV at all. I do watch these youtubes on DP and the debates. Fox News' guys like Cavuto are all almost identical. The love to ask subliminally-loaded questions. They love to ask perfectly USELESS questions (would you support Donald Trump? Why not ask if he supports Big Foot running also as a Republican). My concern is that the average Fox News home-watcher/disciple probably is unaware of these loaded questions and slanted jabs they take at him. To ask Ron Paul "Do you still blame America for 9-11?" is a veiled LIE! He never blamed AMERICA, Neil! You know that already! I shouldn't complain though. Any press is good press. Anytime they try to make him look bad, they only energize the whole movement! All is well!

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for pointing that out.

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Ron Paul, My woulda coulda IMHO

"It is a little early to talk about supporting everybody else. I need to focus on my OWN campaign." What I wish RP would say whenEVER he is asked these hyper-hypothetical irrelevant sidewinder questions. This man just TODAY entered the race - AS A REPUBLICAN.

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Neil come on

time for you to start getting behind at least much of the philosophy ... stop asking questions as if you think his ideas and stance on the issues are strange. Ron Paul has a big big following and getting bigger. It is not a small idea or a fringe group; We are going to take over the GOP ... with this Goldwater / Robert Taft old school republican / libertarian philosophy. Realize it - accept it .... it is going to happen.

RP 2012

ALSO - notice how well RP does - when calm and mellow a bit .... takes time to convey his thoughts - RP has so much in his head - he knows so much - some times it all wants to come out at once ..... onward!

I'm ready for another mass press day

like a couple weeks ago with the compilation thread including all interviews.
Good morning, Exeter Speech, Cavuto, apparently will be on Chris Matthews later, surely somewhere else/ freedomwatch.


FINALLY! Someone has advised him to say, "NO, I will not get rid of them, but they need a big overhaul" -- the overhaul can definitely mean people get to opt out of it, etc. etc.

Addressing Polemical Questions

A much better response overall than those on the Debate. I believe his ideas will get spread a lot easier If he continues to follow this strategy and state of mind.

I thought it was a good

I thought it was a good interview. Ron Paul seemed calm and quite comfortable articulating his ever reasonable positions. I did sense some incredulity from Cavuto but with respect. RP's comment re Trumps experience with bankruptcy was accurate, and deserving.



'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

RP was stellar!!!!

Awesome. He is clear as can be and right to the point on every single question. I hope a lot of people saw that.

I felt Cavuto was a little cooler toward him than usual.

As a side note, RP looked fantastic. A silver fox.

RP never directly criticizes a person

but he certainly gets in some good jabs with his velvet gloves.

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That was great, indeed Trump has experience with bankruptcy, maybe USA Co will need his expertise...

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The gloves are off...

Dr. Paul would have never made a statement like that in the 2008 campaign. I think we will have a more agressive and confident Ron Paul this time around.

It was good natured sparing, even w/o gloves

I don't think Dr. Paul's sense of humor was any less confident in 2008, he just didn't have as easy a punchline-target as Trump has set himself up to be.

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Ron's comments about Trump having a lot of experience with bankruptcy was classic! I also like Ron starting to emphasize his backing of a strong national defense. I would like the Good Doctor to explain in more detail how he would have a strong defense because I think that is a part that worries a lot of people. In addition, Ron has the perfect immigration policy and it needs to be put out there more. The Republicans lost the congress because of this issue. The people do not want AMNESTY in any way shape or form.

Neil was slightly hostile.

Neil was slightly hostile.

Speaking of hostile...

Ron is on Hardball with Chris Matthews after commercial.

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He has such courage and committment;

can you imagine any newscaster giving Obama such a hard time when he was running? Of course it's hard to punch at vaccuous "hope" and "change" sound bites; they'd already decided he was the One and didn't want to bother hypnotized voters about policy details.

+ 1

Thanks for posting so fast.

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