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Friday the 13th Summary--Ron Paul's Lucky Day! : )

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The MSM's Short-Term Memory

Suuuuuuuuuure, ask Ron about all the controversial topics you want. Forget that pretty much EVERYTHING he predicted four years ago would happen...happened.

It's a long road to the White House over the next year, but Ron's support will grow as even a lot of Dems are looking elsewhere having been disappointed by the current administration they fought so hard for. How's that "change" working for 'ya?

Ron Paul Had a Bad Week!

Face it, Ron Paul is off to a terrible start by any standard.

After announcing his candidacy for President in 2012 -- instead of using that moment wisely to emphasize the Federal Reserve/Wall Street shakedown of America and building upon his considerable support -- he instead spent his time talking about voting against the Civil Rights Act (the same mistake that almost sunk Rand Paul's Senate Campaign), talking about cooperation with Pakistan at the expense of leaving Bin Laden at large, and making an issue out of FEMA during a Flood crisis.

Whether or not we agree with some or all of these points is irrelevant. This was just not smart Politics here, and it is not the message that is going to win the Primaries for Ron Paul. The lack of Campaign discipline, and self-inflicted sabatoge is surprising here given that by now Paul should know a thing or two about Campaigns after all this time.

Ron Paul should have used the week play to his strengths: The Federal Reserve argument (and argument that he is slowly winning), the War argument (a won argument reversed by the Osama fervor), and the deficit issue.

But you cannot possibly get any traction by going around and saying you are against The Civil Rights Act, regardless of the technical argument -- this is not going to win over any votes (and it can only kill off and drive away votes that you might otherwise have had).

Ron Paul might as well announce that he wants David Duke to be his Vice President. There is just no value in ringing the dinner bell on this issue.

What we have learned so far this week is that Ron Paul is an anti-Civil-Rights, heroin legalizer that wants Flood victims to die, but not before taking away their Social Security. That's how all this stuff plays on National TV. You can blame the Media if you like (and they are worthy of blame), but you also have to recognize that this Campaign is very badly off-message and trying to fight a Campaign on the narrowest of all possible grounds -- by its own choice.


The issues are: 1) The Federal Reserve, 2) Corporatism, 3) The Endless Wars, 4) The Deficit, 5) The U.S. Dollar, 6) Cutting Overseas spending, 7) The Patriot Act, 8) NAFTA, 9) ending Torture, etc.

These are the issues that can unite the Independents, Progressives, Conservatives together and create the type of voting block that will produce Victories.

The Ron Paul Campaign is adrift of any sensible strategy and message -- and needs to play the game a lot smarter that this.

Otherwise we will be routed again, and this is just the truth.

May have had a bad week in the short run but not in the long run

Speaking against the nuances of the Civil Rights Act or the loss of habeas corpus or the ineffectiveness of FEMA is just as important about talking about the FED. We can't assume people are that dumb that they can't discern themselves of the truth. Ron Paul is running not just to win, but to educate. My theory is that Ron probably knows the value is in the latter. His die hard fans (myself included) are probably too focused on the former.

Remember that revolutions do not start and end neatly within 1 or 2 election cycles. Think of the long term effects these youtube clips will have on your children, and your children's children and their children's children. The education is priceless and thanks to the Internet it is available for everyone at any time. The real fight is in the ideas.

People will take Ron more seriously this time, this I have no doubt. Hopefully the next time they see a host making fun of Ron's thoughtful responses they will think to themselves perhaps there's more to what Ron is saying... maybe I'll Google it.

you can't stop an idea whose time has come...

You Run To Win.

Our Country is dying, and it is on the ropes. We do not have time to fool around here, or play right into the hands of a hostile Media.

Running for President requires that you run a smart Campaign, and that you control the Narrative and redirect it towards your strengths, and the winning issues that are going to maximize your appeal across the spectrum.

No one will take Ron Paul seriously at all (including me) if he goes around saying that he would vote against the Civil Rights Act. That's a losing issue no matter how you frame it -- and it has nothing to do with the economic, War, and debt crisis that are going on right now.

Ron Paul has already exhausted the whole "education" thing by writing 5 books, and speaking at Colleges. If he is not running to really win, then why should we donate money to his campaign? He's rich, let him finance his own "education tour" if that's all this is.

But if he wants to win (and he can if he runs a smarter Campaign), then he needs to ride the Federal Reserve-Wall Street Rape of America issue, and the Endless Wars, and Overseas Spending issue, as well as other "populist" issues such as repeal of NAFTA -- and bring people into his tent rather than push them away.

Oh, Come On!

Ron Paul did not choose to speak about the Civil Rights Act or FEMA. He just gives his answers to what ever is being asked from him by the TV's Talking Heads.

But definitely he could answer better to these questions about CRA and FEMA.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

You have to redirect the questions

You have to redirect the questions, and take control of the Narrative.

All successful politicians do that. Now I recognize that part of Ron Paul's charm and appeal is that behaves like the "unpolitician" or anti-politician. That's all well and fine when you're running a local race within a safe district.

But if you want to win a National Race, then you're playing in the Big Leagues here -- and you do have to work very hard to control the Narrative, and not set yourself up for misinterpretations.

The goal is always to fight your Campaign upon its Core issues, and its strengths (which will appeal to the greatest variety of Voters), and stay clear away from wading into pointlessly divisive subject matters that can only turn people off.

After the whole Rand Paul - Rachel Maddow experience, it was absolutely foolish and self-destructive for Ron Paul to even think about talking about wanting to vote against the Civil Rights Act. He could have just simply said, "I'm for civil rights .. next question" to clear the issue off the table. You simply cannot win a National Race by being against Civil Rights! You just can't...regardless of any technical arguments about property rights.

This is just the wrong issue to fight a political campaign over. And attacking FEMA right now during a major ongoing Flood crisis is also just not smart politics.

I don't want to see Ron Paul in 5th place again.

He needs to hammer the constitution...

He needs to hammer the constitution over and over to set it in their brains.At the very first question that could relate to the constitution he needs to pull out a pocket edition and say "I realize you probably haven't read this since 8th grade,But Article x section x states and addresses this very well and..." "Here you can have this one to help with your homework before drafting your next question line up".

If he starts and continues to hammer the constitution into these folks he will be setting the bar for future questions.They will no longer be questions about him,but questions about the constitution.Right up his ally and in his field of direction.He would then be in control of every situation he encounters during these interviews.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I wish I could disagree

But I can't. These things play badly to mainstream America and are completely irrelevant to the core message of his campaign. You summed up the core issues succinctly and PLEASE... someone who has the ear of RP's campaign people.... get this to them and tell them to emphasize to the doc to stay on message and not to let them bog things down discussing the finer (irrelevant) points of libertarian philosophy.

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03

Those are good points! I

Those are good points!

I liked your hot topics...I just paraphrased them.

1. Banker bailouts, Fed Reserve
2. Corporatism-->crony capitalism--fascism!
3. Perpetual War
4. Never ending Deficits
5. Dollar devaluation--->Currency crisis!
6. No subsidizing other nations!
7. Stop TSA intrusions!
8. NAFTA? I rather go w/Free Bradley Manning; or medical marijuana; or some other hot button topic.
9. Never torture for any reason!

I want to Disagree

But good Points... He needs a better PR Rep/coach and campaign manager if he wants to win.... I do like the no nonsense attitude though. But he needs to find away to be on the offense rather than defense when engaging questions.

changing the course of history

forever the day of friday the 13th will have a whole new meaning. Ron Paul is a genius for announcing on the 13th.

"When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power the World will know Peace." ~Jimi Hendrix

Friday the 13th was luck indeed...

these competitors are dropping like flies...

First Huck is out. Now Trump! More spotlights on Ron Paul. The pressure will be win over people on the hot topics. He's taking a lot of heat on the FEMA support in Mississippi. I hope he can convey the stupidity of FEMA, but it's not so easy to do.

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Bump: Are you sure Ron Paul is 75 years young? He can't be!

He has the energy level of a 20 year old having a very vigorous day!

It is no wonder that we are accused of being internet bugs that work tirelessly for Ron Paul. We are just using him as a model following his path.

I continue to be impressed by the energy level of Ron Paul.

bump for Liberty


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