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Wallace Unplugged: Previewing Interview with Tea Party 'Godfather'--Ron Paul! Sunday

Wallace Unplugged: Previewing Interview with Tea Party 'Godfather'
you tube clip

and the actual interview

fox news link

Schedule Sunday Morning
Sundays at 8/9 AM ET: Ron Paul & Mike Huckabee.. (this should be interesting)

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Wallace is a hard nosed reporter

Like Donaldson in earlier days. He also is very opinionated and has the ability to get under the interviewee's skin. He is accusatory and puts his victim on the defensive. Dr. Paul needs to stick with his strategy for dealing with this type of journalist which he has used in the past. Take a breath and think before answering, stick to the basic principles, don't get rattled and become defensive. This is one of the traits that people find unappealing about Dr. Paul, when he starts rattling and jumping from one thought to another. He has made strides with this since 2008, he just needs to stick to the plan....

of course that's easy for me to say sittin here in my pajamas...

but it is true. I think he

but it is true. I think he did a good job though.

Wallace is a jerk

refers to Ron twice as "controversial" and then tries to misquote him. But of course when Dick Durbin is introduced his views aren't "controversial".

many of these news reporters are basically so brainwashed

to be liberal, that even a "conservative" talk show/reporter is not reallly a conservative at all. So, he will be attacked by them at every turn!

Inspiration, is better.

I object to wallace's use of terms for the good Dr., Ron Paul. He said -"so-called 'god-father' of the tea-party". This is Not right. Why so-called? Ron Paul is the inspiration and leader of the Liberty movement, with Love, a revolution for revival of the constitution and rule of Law. The term "godfather" has negative connotations too, like the criminal syndicate depicted in a famous movie of the same name. The MSM will continue to play tricks, some times in a subtle way, imputing that which is unworthy & unwelcome. Some of us may say its a small matter, but these negative sprinklings do have effects.

I think Dr. Paul has had a breakthrough w/ Wallace

Because Wallace even admits to taking him seriously now, and he was spanked pretty hard on the whole heroin questioning in the last debate. Dr. Paul came out looking good in the exchanges. I think the pundits are becoming more respectful - he took Chris Matthews to town this week too. There is a new Ron Paul .. and he's becoming more aggressive and confident in his interviewing skills.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


was he interviewed by him this last week? If so I missed it

you have a link? or a show, etc?

edit, oh you meant Chris Mathews, yes I saw that one... He really put him in his place!