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Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday 5/15/11


Airing Date May.15, 2011

Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday
Paul handled this quite well.
Tea Party Nation Disgusts me!
Yeah I said it !!

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The drug legalization question backfired on Fox and Chris Wallace at the debate so they just can't let it go

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I love how lately in all interviews he does, even when they try and paint him as having such a radical view of things, he holds his own. He really doesn't care about just looking good for the cameras like most candidates, he will defend his views and really stick it to the interviewers at any cost. Especially this interviewer, I hate him, but Ron always hits back with a strong hay maker. Go Ron Paul 2012.


Finally had time to watch this interview. All I can say is awesome job Dr. Paul! My sister says I am brainwashed, but I say that the first time I heard Dr. Paul speak was the first time I EVER hear a politician saying what I believed!

Jim Rogers

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exchange there. Love Ron's new interview style. They are getting nervous and fearful of both RP and his message - both of which get maligned at nearly every MSM interview.


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Great job

Doctor Paul! Everybody should write or email Fox News and thank the people there for being fair to Ron Paul and giving him time to respond to the questions. This should be done to everytime a host shows him the same respect, even when asking tough questions. The tougher the interview the sharper Ron gets. Dr. Paul is looking more "presidential" than ever.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

A major bone to pick...

This is the last chance... the last chance for a person to represent us as president who is philosophically and fundamentally the right person.

The people who are slowly waking up and realizing the truth are in greater numbers now then they ever have been.

I worked my butt off spreading the word in 07-08. Despite the low votes for RP, his visibility during the election catapulted the support we have now...

Now to my bone picking for RP... Can you hire some legitimate campaign staffers, advisors, and people that can actually help you win the R nomination?

Every time you go on TV, neocons corner you into talking about something stupid like legalizing drugs, not helping Mississippi flood victims, and not killing OBL. They dangle the bait, and you bite. When they ask you a direct question, you start talking about an off-topic history lesson, then before you know it, your time is up, commercial break. DON'T YOU KNOW THIS HURTS YOU??? You spend your precious airtime defending garbage.

The reason people initially got behind you is because of the big picture of libertarian ideology! The FED is screwing us, the free market works, and I can make better decisions regarding my personal life and habits than you can. I make my bed and I’ll lay in it.

In this video, when he asked if FEMA should help the flood victims, you said “Why should the taxpayer pay for them.” Well guess what??? Americans like helping fellow Americans!!! Why can't you quickly say, "What happened there is horrible, but this catastrophe would not be near as bad if flood insurance was left only to private companies. If they won't insure you, it’s probably not a good idea to build a house there! Private insurance companies have to make good insurability decisions to remain solvent; government insures what is politically correct. It's proven that government insurance makes bad decisions; this is why the free market works. It prevents catastrophe and saves a ton of money."

Ron Paul, to win the game you must play the game. It doesn't mean you sacrifice your principals or lie, but at least know what resonates with voters.

Recognize when pundits bait you, and don't get sucked in. Focus on the PHILOSOPHY and we might be able to win the primary.

Again, dump the friends and family campaign staff and hire professionals who can at least give you ...and us.... a shot at liberty.

-Frustrated supporter

Fresno, CA

I agree, Ron Paul needs coaching

You did a better job of making the same point that I made below. Same thing with bin Laden. He said that he was glad that bin Laden was gone. He should have said that first, then said that he would have targeted bin Laden faster at far less cost in lives and money, then explained how his foreign policy, including Lettres of Marque, would work. Instead, he allows himself to be painted as soft on bin Laden. Coaching could keep him focused on the big picture.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

I happen to agree with you.

however, RON came off looking very good to me. Even though placed under pressure, by the off the wall issues raised, Ron kept his composure and sounded Presidential, with decent answers. I agree the talking points raised were juvenile. But composure is the key to success. He did good.
You start somewhere and get the crap out of the way.

Good post. And I agree.. Ron

Good post. And I agree.. Ron Paul HAS TO KNOW these questions are coming. He needs to be coached better. And this doesn't mean he has to throw away his principals either. Just spend more time rehersing your message in a coherent and replicatable way...

He knows the Bin Laden question is coming, so play the freaking game and have a well thought out reply and everytime they bring it up, answer it the same way, maybe adding to it a little each time...

He doesn't need to convince US anymore, we need to get the others on board.. GTG..



Judson is the north end of a

Judson is the north end of a south-bound horse, and has NOTHING to do with the Tea Party Movement. Judson is just another Neocon Republican trying to merge the Tea Party Movement with the GOP, and that's not going to happen.

I agree also.

The Republican hopefulls and OBAMA both need the Tea Party and the CRAZIES. Just ask TRUMP and his escapade that was done for the President and status PARTY quo. FOX & MSNB's Chris, all invited the sure "CRAZIES cure". Release it & get the Terrorist.

They ALL loved it.

It's true

I was a member of his site Tea Party Nation until he wrote an awful smear article on Ron Paul.

I disproved him time and time again politely. We even shared a lengthy private message debate (which we both kept polite)

When it was finally evident that I was right and Judson was refusing to believe the truth, he decided to ban me so that I couldn't write rational responses to his smears.

He welcomes RP supporters on TPN, but only the ones that are quick to anger and easily riled into speaking foolishly. As I wasn't one of those, I'm no longer welcome on TPN...

FLASH !! - BREAKING NEWS - Donald Trump Not Running!!

At 9:55 am Pacific Time, CNN reported that Donald Trump will not run for the GOP nomination..

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We're going to win by attrition

After all of the Republicans stand down, we'll just need Obama to call it quits too.

(I presume that's when Caesar crosses the Rubicon)

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Great Fox interview, but was derailed during radio show

Ron Paul did a great job during this interview, but I think that he made a big mistake earlier during the radio show by criticizing the Seals operation. I wish that he had said during the radio show that he was glad that bin Laden was gone, but he would have done it differently. He could have called the Seals operation exactly what it was: a tactical maneuver to get *one* person with unclear consequences. Then he could have explained the big picture: how he would have conducted his foreign policy differently with Lettres of Marque, etc., and how that would have gotten bin Laden earlier with far less cost in Treasury and human life. Instead, he allowed the media to spin things to make Ron Paul look soft on the Seals raid. The only way for Ron Paul to win is to stay on the big picture.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

What's unusual about Dr. Paul's interview method is

What's unusual about Dr. Paul's interview method is that he doesn't back down from the questions but tackles them with a view to educate rather than make a campaign position.

This can be good or bad for a campaign, but I personally like his method.

It would have been easier to shuck an' jive and dodge, like Romney, and say "well, I won't touch Social Security, nobody does" or "I fully support FEMA's mission and giving a helping hand whenever its needed" or "Drugs are bad, m'kay? They're real bad."

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Old Bin Laden

is just another tool of distraction. Notice how just days after we bomb and kill Quadafi's son and children, we quickly bring out bin laden? Coincidence? Hardly. Bin Laden's been isolated for so long, he was basically in the federal witness protection program. Our government couldn't afford to produce him alive, with legal protection. Why, it might just come to light that he didn't have a clue on how to "mastermind" 9-11. So, he's sitting there watching porn, and we put a bullet in his head, and quickly dump the body. Talk about closure! in the world of insane government rule, only Ron Paul makes sense.

alan laney

Loaded Questions

The problem is that everytime Ron Paul get interviewed he get intentionally loaded question that that are the equivalent of "When will you stop beating your wife?". If someone asked an ordinary person that question, first they would have to explain that the premise is incorrect. I am not, in fact, beating my wife. And therefore the question about when I will stop makes no sense.

Well likewise when Ron is asked "Is it true you want to take away peoples' Constitutionally guaranteed Social Security?" he must explain that the premise is incorrect and as much as it is suggested that Social Security IS Constitutionally guaranteed, it is in fact NOT, and therfore the question makes no sense.

They insult the intelligence

They insult the intelligence of reasonable people.

There are a lot of idiots in TV land, but if reasonable people view these interviews I believe they can readily see the ambush and it will make them wonder why the media tries so hard to marginalize this particular candidate. They may even dig deeper into RP from curiosity. This tactic may have blowback for the MSM and their agenda.

YES! If the premise is wrong,

YES! If the premise is wrong, the conclusion is wrong. And how dare you accuse me of beating my wife. Turn this around on these media fools (presstitutes)!


Good word for them. Your own creation?

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Bin Laden Assasination

"Don’t you understand that if the bin Ladens of the world can be 'brought to justice' by government hit-men who, like their Mafia counterparts, then dump the bodies into the ocean, so can you?"


Seen vs. the unseen (from Economics in one Lesson)--just because the OBL killing happened by assasination, does not mean that this is the only (or just/correct) way to do it.

I loved how he just called Fox and Wallace LIBERALS

when discussing the General Welfare Clause. Of course he could have pulled out the Federalist Paper references or any number of other historical references to back up his position. But to turn it around and put the LIBERAL label on Fox and Chris Wallace was beautiful. When there is time for details he can get into that but to get people rethinking the idea that Fox and Wallace are conservative puts a real question mark in the viewers minds going forward about the propoganda they spew.


With that question and answer Paul showed everyone that there really is not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties and their overlords. Which is why they will desperately try to undermine Paul at every opportunity.

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Will they even ask other candidates these calibre questions?

Will they bother to assume that the other candidates will know the names of Middle East leaders, the role of the IMF, what military actions we took 20 or 40 years ago etc.?

Hopefully the audience can tell the difference that Michelle Bachman (for example) and even Obama will get the Junior Varsity slate of questions and Dr. Paul will have to field them at the professional level.

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I was mesmerized.

When Wallace said at the beginning that even he was paying more attention to Ron Paul I thought it was very interesting.

Wasn't he the guy who asked Dr. Paul in the 2008 debates if he was taking his marching orders from al Qaeda?

And Dr. Paul gave that GREAT response "NO! I get my marching orders from the Constitution."

IF someone like Wallace could POSSIBLY come around to this beautiful Libertarian thought process, THAT would be a huge feather in Dr. Paul's cap.

Let's remember - Ron Paul is TEACHING all the time.

He is fighting YEARS of mis-education by the Dept of Education.

But once that freedom light clicks on in someone's mind - then they are hooked for good.

There's no turning back.

Dr. Paul packed a TON of stuff into this interview.

God bless this great man.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

True, true, but let us not

True, true, but let us not think for a moment that the vile Wallace was truly affected in any way by the truth of Ron Paul. That little blurb was merely intended to mitigate the mean spirit of his upcoming questions.

Yes, he was the cretin who asked that idiot question. Knowing the blowback of his first gotcha he is now attempting to circumvent that possibility again. Too bad for him he failed again and our man was shown to be reasoned and principled (and Wallace is a liberal using the commerce clause.)

Well said pawn...

You saved me some typing.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Glad to hear it Undeclared...

...You cracked me up!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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Fox News All Paul?

I turned on Fox News last night (hearing about this, the Judge, and him being on Huckabee) and "Freedome Watch" and "Stossel" were on the News channel (promoted from the Fox Business Channel") and then it was Huckabee (I'm guessing the Paul episode?).

It was nice to see all two of the Libertarian shows on the premiere channel instead of at the kiddie table (FNC vs. FBN).

Even if the star entertainers on there aren't coming around (e.g., Hannity, Beck) perhaps those in charge of the programming schedule/mix are.

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