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Ron Paul 2012 Songs

Dear Friends of Liberty!
I just received this uplifting email & three great songs:

4 years ago 3 rappers from Everett Washington got the front page of the Everett Herald. They made headlines for producing a positive hip hop song / video in support of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Recently they were contacted by New York Times about a story on artists who have been inspired by Congressman Ron Paul.
It was big news back then & If anything its more of a story now. I am writing on behalf of Rise Consise & Krookid. Not only were they so inspired by Ron Paul to write two songs & record two music videos for him in the last election. They have just finished their 3rd one. Of course this is the first of their 2012 songs. On May 5th of this year Ron Paul raised over 1million dollars in 24 hrs. Mostly from individuals donating a meager $20.12 each. In under 2 weeks the new song has received over 6000 views on youtube. The new song is available for download for $1 with all proceeds going to Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign. Since the last election the three of them like many others across the country have been tirelessly still campaigning for Dr. Ron Paul. " The grassroots got deeper " is a common phrase these days. I will attach links to the 3 videos with the newest on bottom.
Feel free to call or email with any questions.
Thank you for reading & reporting the truth.
With Liberty




Download latest song here http://bit.ly/l3SpmB
All profits go to Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign.

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Well, someone posted the new

Well, someone posted the new song last week, and, although this is far from my kind of music, I was impressed. I had never heard of this group, and was delighted to listen to their other two songs. I really liked them all, especially number 2. Thanks for this. If the Republican Party wants to win, they are foolish to nominate anyone but RON!!

it was me

posted it here:
sadly nobody left a comment

& today I received the above email.

Thanks so much for giving this post a bump & the wonderful feedback.
I love the songs and will add all three to my website's Ron Paul section.

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