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Is polygamy an acknowledgement we should not marry just 1?

Polygamy allows us not to have extra-marital affairs by simply having multiple marriages. It could be argued that it is not best for children if their parents are polygamists, well, alot of 1 man/ woman situations are not good for children, either. When you are asking to commit to just 1, you are saying that that is the ideal, the human condition, when in fact it isn't & believe other countries and Mormons just acknowledge this & allow more than 1 marriage. Of course we are attracted to multiple people throughout our lives, but are asked to only marry 1. Is a person who doesn't marry who is seen as a giggalo or philanderer really being honest about his inability to commit to 1? Is 1 man/ woman an ideal that is incompatible w/ human nature & other religions/ countries acknowledge this, we in America don't or seldom do. It seems to me if we don't have polygamy, we just have divorce, which we already have, at a staggering rate, which, by the way, makes many relationships more difficult than they were. I also wonder if the wearing of the wedding ring inadvertently causes divorce b/c you're constantly being reminded of the marriage. A word to the wise, better to take off your wedding ban than get a divorce. Don't forget, most cite the # of years they've been married, as if they never dated beforehand, b/c the dating doesn't count as marriage time.

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I've read the poli

forums for an entire year to try and understand it. They have just as many problems, (if not more because of the multitude of persons involved) as their mono opposites.



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What utter nonsense....

Any polygamist tradition arises directly out of the bible.

If a brother dies and leaves a wife and minor children, there was no socialism and no government to take care of them and a woman could not own property, so the brother's wife married the surviving brother.

Good Lord, there is so much ignorance out there. DO you know anything?


Again: what? :-/

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