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Why do men, more often than not, have short hair?

This is perplexing, since very often, men & women are in the same occupations. I won't go into the not dressing alike issue, that men always, bar none, dress like each other, don't deviate, but why the short hair when women in the same profession have much longer hair, or are at least open to it? Both have the ability to make their hair grow. The only thing I can figure is that men don't like to take alot of time on the hygiene, including tending to long hair & besides, they have to shave, or at least maintain facial hair on a daily basis & figure they've spend the time that way. Why have men decided to let the women have the long hair?

In the interest of full disclosure, men aren't expected to put their hair up in curlers, use a curling iron, or barrettes, headbands, lets just stick w/ the basic ?.

Hint hint men should respond about why they keep their hair short, including all those visitors from the media who supervise our conversations on a daily basis, but never bother to let us know they're here. Won't you introduce yourself?

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I'm just going to say what

I'm just going to say what strikes me as obvious in the difference between male and female hair length preferences. I think Mike Lawson mentioned "culture", another added a detail to this cultural difference when they wrote that "women are expected to make themselves attractive, while men are not".

I think what makes a man more attractive, more masculine, at least in the long term, is a look of utility in his physical appearance. Sure, the pretty boy with long beautiful hair can be striking to a woman initially. But there is something decidedly non-masculine about a man who will hog the bathroom washing, conditioning and styling his long locks, while she is waiting for them to get in the car and leave, or waiting to do her own hair. I would easily estimate that my wife spends 5 times as much time preparing to go somewhere (anywhere) than I do. And I like it that way. I want my beautiful wife to show her beauty. It is a huge attractive quality. And it makes both of us feel good! In fact, I get the impression that if I whine about some feature of how I look at a particular time, my wife finds it unattractive... while she is always questioning her appearance, while I reassure her with praises of her beauty... which is quite easy since she is strikingly beautiful. (No, she does not read this blog)

Women want men who are ultimately competent, not beautiful. And the more beatiful a man tries to make himself, the less useful in a masculine sense he can become. He loses the masculine qualities of utility and ease of physical labor.

As for the masculine physique, it is far more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing; Not that a male body cannot be attractive in a general sense. I am only saying that the attraction is to its appearance of strength and overall health, not its sensuous lines and curves... where as a female physique is pleasing in its actual form, not its utility necessarily. I find men so unattractive that I don't know how my wife can stand sleeping with me.

Stop posting while you're drunk...

K, pumpkin?

Not to fear

there is always the "Mullet" bridging the gap.

The "Mullet" is the ideal

The "Mullet" is the ideal hair cut, it's the best of both worlds - Business in the front, Party in the back!


what kind of business and partying are you talking about?
I here the mullet was born in prison.


if you have to ask, you can't afford it! :)

I think someone in the military should make a stink about this

I tried when I was in; didn't get far. Making men get haircuts and/or allowing women not to is gender discrimination.
To answer your question in one word: Culture

And such "gender

And such "gender discrimination" within the military goes further than rules on grooming... in fact, I'd call that rather mild by comparison.

Women have lower minimal standards for physical strength and stamina to achieve the same rank, specialty and duty as their male counterparts. Of course, if a citizen raises a stink about this - especially a man - then he is a "cry baby", or a "geek who can't get laid".

long hair = itchy scalp.

long hair = itchy scalp. facial hair = dried out, itchy face.

I am a man

With really, really long hair. And I also work in the corporate world and do not wear it in a ponytail.

I bet

you get all the girls.

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WHY are we wasting time on this stupidity?

Attention DailyPaulers...

Don't let yourselves get side-tracked by silly subjects like this.

We have important things to discuss here.

Believe me - if subjects like the prevailed here I wouldn't waste my time or donations on this site.

While I certainly DO NOT believe in censorship and I think Michael let's most subjects on here - it is up to us (the members here) to ignore and avoid things like this that just waste our time and energies.

I avoided this post until I saw it keep popping up to the top.

So my post is not meant to patronize this silliness.

It's just a message to everyone who seems to think this post has validity or is worth our time.

We should just ignore postings like this and they will go away.

I think they are designed to distract us from our very important task of furthering the cause of liberty.

And judging from all the replies - it seems to be working.

Maybe I'm missing something here and if so - I'd sure like to know what it is.

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All work and no play

Makes the Dailypaulers dull people. We need a little humor and beside we get to show the visitors how we debate subjects without throwing to many [big] stones at each other in the process.

Liberty id fun!

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Easy bro....

sometimes one needs a beer after working hard all day.

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Right, We have to keep people interested for over 500 more days.

The Daily Paul has kept iinterest alive for 3 years since the last Presidential elections.

Should we risk changing the formula and losing what we've developed?

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Women are expected to make

Women are expected to make themselves attractive. Men are not. Men are expected to try to be clean and neat, but do not go to the extremes women do. And the men who do may have a problem with their identity.

Today, we see a strange phenomenon. Women trying to become more masculine and men trying to become effeminate. We are speaking of a minority here. But we see men with trappings usually associated with women. And women with tattoos, which they associate with men (I am a man and I don't have any tattoos).

This androgyny is not a healthy thing. While many people deny it, it is a fact that there are things men do better than women, and women do better than men. For example, men make better fire fighters simply because they are stronger, and strength is required to rescue a person using a ladder. And how many men do you see in day care centers?

Political correctness has caused many to keep their mouths shut in the face of silly perceptions. But the truth is, there is a big difference between men and women.

I wouldn't worry..

I wouldn't worry.. androgynous people are less able to reproduce.

As far as looks go, we don't worry about our looks so much because women don't give a damn about looks. You can be fat and bald and if you've got big cojones and act like a real man, women will.. oh man that busty brunette in the green tank top is so fu.. ah sorry, got distracted, women will flock to you.

Of course, I'm talking about REAL women with curves, not confused sterile waifs that only a pedophile could find attractive and who routinely only date "metrosexuals" (cf. homosexual).

Because long hair is for

Because long hair is for girls.


what chicks think about...

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You can blame the Romans for short haired men

The Roman Legions cut their hair so adversaries could not grab it in battle. So having short hair became synonomous with tough, manly, warrior, etc.


long hair is much hotter for the one who works out in the field, as opposed to the one who stays inside.
if you saw someone far away and you wanted to have sex, hair length would help make a distinction. chasing someone down to catch them and then discover its another man would be disapointing and a waste of energy that could be used to hunt food.

I'll bite.

I keep mine short to sort of blend in with the balding top.
When you get older, it's just part of the deal. You don't want to go around looking like Ben Franklin.

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thank God men keep their hair

thank God men keep their hair short. I think men with long hair look feminine. Plus dirty greasy long hair is disgusting.

Some more info



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You now have me researching the history of short hair!LOL!One of the best reasons I found was that men tend to go bald,Some at an early age,and women do not.A man with the top of his head bald and the rest long is very unsightly and impractical.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Read "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris.....

Women's hair grows faster/longer...so to make them selves even more attractive to the opposite sex, they grow more. Women's leg hair is lighter, so to push that difference even further--shave it off completely. Women's eyelashes are naturally longer, lips & nails more colorful...you get the picture. It's gender identification pushed to the max in hopes of attracting a mate.

Doesn't nature itself teach you that it is disgraceful for a man

! Corinthians 11:14-16

14 Doesn't nature itself teach you that it is disgraceful for a man to have long hair?

15 Doesn't it teach you that it is a woman's pride to wear her hair long? Her hair is given to her in place of a covering.

16 If anyone wants to argue about this [they can't, because] we don't have any custom like this-nor do any of the churches of God.

No Custom in church. This Pastor has long hair. I think the fight comment below is best reason ... LOL

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You don't want to have long hair in a street fight.

Long hair can be a lethal detriment. It provides a handle for an opponent to grab. A hard enough yank can break your neck.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Different quality

There are variations in hair growth and quality that are related to gender.

Facial hair gives an extreme example. Some women have more facial hair than others. Some even grow full beards, but (generally speaking) a woman will have soft facial hair that is not too long.

The differences in hair on the top of the head are, perhaps, less pronounced, but on average, I would say, women are growing a more beautiful head of hair. So, I think that's your answer. Men (on average), were they to grow a long head of hair, would not find it attractive and neither would women. So men cut it short.

Of course, some portion of the male population either like the way their hair looks long or don't care.

This is, more or less, just a guess.

Mine is either shaved down to

Mine is either shaved down to the scalp or three feet long.. anything else is a commie punk.