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Fox News Panel Trashes Ron Paul

It seems that the pundits will continue pushing the heroine topic and the supposed weak comment made about Osama Bin Laden as the foremost important issues in the primary. Disregarding the fact that Ron Paul is the only real fiscal conservative making the rest look like big spending socialists.


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The more they keep using

The more they keep using words like "oddball"..they will draw more people to Ron Paul. People are fed up with media's idea of what is "normal" and "acceptable". I guess Tucker likes his new job.
Ron Paul is the only candidate that talks about decency and solvency in a sovereign nation....Go figure.

What a joke!

If Ron said the sky is blue they would attack him as discriminating against clouds!
The sad thing is a lot of people watch the PROGRAMMING and believe it.
I really believe Ron should have 5 minutes or 30 (lol) for a rebuttal!

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