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DEMOCRATS for the Doctor

A guy on Facebook has started a "Democrats for Ron Paul" page.

He still plans to ultimately support Barack Obama, but his logic makes really good sense from our perspective.

Obama is the sitting president. He will get no serious challenge from the Democrat party. This gives us a perfect opportunity to encourage Democrats to vote in Republican primaries wherever they can.

Because of the civil liberties issues, virtually every Democrat who votes in a GOP primary will be supporting Dr. Paul. This would give him and edge no other GOP candidate would be able to tap into.

The only trick is to not lose as much Republican support as he gains Democrat support. That could backfire. What he needs to do, and he is doing a better job of it this time around, is to make it clear that he is not *personally* in favor of (insert vice here), but he does not want to run everyone's personal lives.

He is doing a better job of this with his responses that "I support legalizing freedom!" type lines. But there are still a lot of conservatives, Republicans, and Christians that have the impression that Dr. Paul supports things like gambling, pornography, prostitution, drug use, and homosexual marriage.

Those issues, especially homosexual marriage, will kill him among the right, unless he changes the *perception* that he supports those things on a personal level.

He needs to keep working on communicating to the right that supporting liberty means sometimes supporting liberty for those we disagree with, but that does not mean we support the specific things themselves.

The left needs to know that Dr.Paul truly supports their liberty. The right needs to know he generally shares their personal morality.

If he can accomplish that - he'll be living on Pennsylvania Avenue next year. And then Rand, or Justin Amash, or someone similar, might follow him in 2016 or 2020 (an eye doctor in 2020 would be appropriate :-)

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In light of the"Blue Republicans", this post deserves front-page

Definitely time.

Now the Website is looking very professional.
Tell all your independent democrat friends that Ron Paul will NOT erase regulations for pollutions/chemical plants, his plan will actually balance the whole problem so states can vote to opt in or opt out.

Go spread it around the ethers! Especially for newcomers..

Dems 4 Paul

Democrats for Liberty
Democrats for Ron Paul

Stop Criminal Government wars, torture, secrecy and Spying
Decriminalize drugs, orgainic farming, gold and silver and state sovereignty



He still plans to ultimately support Barack Obama...

I can't get past this sentence...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Ron Paul On the Issue of Energy: Free Energy Produced for All!!

This is RON PAUL's position on FREE energy - let the masses produce it, let the businesses distribute it!
(Ron Paul will put the final end to the Fed)

Free Energy for all means - "FREE" energy at the local and state level - so simple! Get it out to the masses.

"As President, Ron Paul will lead the fight to:

* Remove restrictions on drilling, so companies can tap into the vast amount of oil we have here at home.

* Repeal the federal tax on gasoline. Eliminating the federal gas tax would result in an 18 cents savings per gallon for American consumers.

* Lift government roadblocks to the use of coal and nuclear power.

* Eliminate the ineffective EPA. Polluters should answer directly to property owners in court for the damages they create – not to Washington.

* Make tax credits available for the purchase and production of alternative fuel technologies.

It’s time for a President that recognizes the free market’s power and innovative spirit by unleashing its full potential to produce affordable, environmentally sound, and reliable energy."

Elect the right man for the job..And elect your own statesmen to Congress!

Dems for Ron Paul Meetup

Saw your posting and thought I'd share this:


I started that Meetup group and my intentions are to fully support Ron Paul (but would accept help in the NYC area from anyone willing to at least meet the goal of Ron Paul winning the GOP Primary)

Here's the Truth about Energy Independence - Listen to Ron Paul!

Get this out to ALL the progressives you can reach, both former and current so they can see the truth about these non-working dead policies!!


"The government should neither subsidize, nor inhibit Energy Independence."

Period. That is it. That is how simple this ALL is, we don't need a nationalized/social welfare tax on energy and we don't need standards ENFORCING everyone's tax!! Isn't that no more than trying to FORCE 300 million people to agree as you do, through the use of governmental force & coercion to justify THEFT?
Look at everything they already tried with it.

On the other hand, every State with their own "separate" tax according to their own separate state charter IS the answer. With entirely limited, bare MINIMUM government involvement! Get them to recognize this, get them to wake up! It IS that simple. Nationalized anything never worked in YOUR favor and produced communist Germany, Europe & Rome. Get the progressives to flat out acknowledge this truth!

Do you like Herman Cain or David Van Jones? They BOTH agree on the need for a nationalized system! David Van Jones wants to get all the "YOUTH" behind such a system, that is nation-wide endorsed for energy & regulation. He calls it the "DREAM" Movement! Herman Cain loves this too, and says we need corporate welfare & do not need to investigate the Fed! Would anyone who actually THINKS support this? Just ask them to read the laws these people voted for...Herman Cain is NOT a conservative man he is a nut, a LIBERAL communist who has no business being here! Same for Van Jones! Leave the Laws of Energy and Freedom to States, people + limited government where they belong.


How about tax credits for green infrastructure based on what Ron Paul says in the recording you posted?

here is the dilemma.

if you take something of value from someone. something that they worked for. [fruits of thier labor]
and if you use force to do so. is it theft?

does it really matter if you use the thing of value to feed starving, homeless babies?

the founders came up with an answer to this question. and yes, it is contained in the original intent.


Listen to HVAC, he has it right...Forced Taxes NOT the answer!

"Let the Free Market decide."

That is YOUR only answer! As HVAC says...using any sort of government mandate program for tax credits is the same as violently coercing people with weapons to obey their "mantra" for the good of society. A mandated tax-credits program is theft by force. ANY tax credits must be voluntary!!! As he said, the Free Energy program works best when states and localities decide to the very letter how it is spent. That allows for mutual benefits, disagreement on terms and lengthy debate in virtually all states and principalities rather than a nationally forced decision. It allows for separate decisions and the freedom of choice for all parties.

The ONLY way our culture ever did well, is when we were not collectives but individuals without mandates. The progressive era has continued to promote collectivism while agreeing with Ron Paul, which only leads to a New World Order. Do we need another one of these ever again, or can we simply agree..individuals offer the best solutions?
Voluntary tax credits for all!! Let them decide.
Post that on the news...Watch how fast the "sails" start falling out of Obama's mandated energy program along with bachmann's utter lack of respect of the U.S. constitution or its supporters!!

Sam Let me see if understand you. All that the government does

with money is coercive and all that the market does with money is non-coercive?

Tens of Millions

Tens of millions voted for Obama in 2008 to prove that they weren't racist.

Now those tens of millions will have to vote against him in 2012 to prove that they aren't idiots.

Nice one.

How about changing the last line to "Now those tens of millions will have to vote for Ron Paul in 2012 to prove they aren't idiots." :)

Count me among the idiots

if Ron Paul is not the nominee.

No offense, but OK.

You're going to vote for Obama if RP is not the nominee? You're going to vote for torture, murder, drone attacks, criminal TSA, corporate welfare, banker welfare, military industrial pharmaceutical complex welfare?

Seriously? Obama is all you got?

I might

consider Gov. Johnson but who among the other prospects is going to do anything but more of the same? Do tell. If Paul does not get the nomination is lessor of 2 evils again.

It is a hard thing to break

It is the generation of "sit on the couch,let the government take care of me and collect a check" brain washing.it has been taught in schools for years now.Socialism at it's best.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

This is GO Time!!! Not just another game, get the voters out!

Get them out to vote and over-whelm those polls!!!

We can do it and show a MAJORITY support for Ron Paul in Iowa & South Carolina!!

George Bush/Bernanke/Irving Kristol are now all seen as anathema to the Republican party - they have been OUTCAST as Democrats & kicked out!!

These psychopathic bankers are playing for keeps, and LOSING!!! Get the voters out to the polls. Lets show them we want no more Banks, we want real conservatives who stand for the law...Dr. Ron Paul!!

here are some vids

Operation Chaos II - Wisconsin Protest - Dems Primary For Paul


Operation Chaos II - THE DEMS REVENGE - Destroy The Republican Party


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Reagan Democrats:


Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Ron Paul has agreed that 50% of savings from cutting back military and overseas commitments will go to shore up social security and medicare ....Here are questions he needs to answer: What if we can shore up social security and reduce the rate on payroll taxes without touching that 50%? What if medicare and medicaid could be taken care of with only 10% of the savings? Is he willing utilize that 40% to invest in green infrastructure? If he can say yes to that last question, he can win against Obama in a landslide. Concentrating on civil liberties is not going to get him elected, even though we definitely need them.

The government is not the solution.

It is not effective to achieve your aims: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbVfVm1-B7w

That's NOT the reason to vote for Ron Paul...

Ron Paul is a conservative with the full backing of State militias.

He is NOT a progressive to any degree and believes in small government to the absolute letter.

He is very far from an elitist/liberal which is what gets so many grass roots democrats and others to vote for him.

Doctor Paul will dismantle the destructive progressive agenda in both parties, ending the war on drugs by handing it over to the states. He has voted this way for thirty plus years and welcomes all the cross-votes coming his way.

Yours is not

a way to victory. Ron Paul neither wins the election nor gets the nomination without a substantial number of progressives on board. Insisting he be an all or nothing candidate will get you only the latter. I hope you want something better than what you are getting now because without a dynamic coalition you get one of the two corporatist candidates.

You don't understand the point and scope of the problem....

There is not an ideology that exists called a "good progressive" and you're finding that out the hard way.

You can not mandate things through use of force and expect the system to work.

"When you talk of accepting mandates you leave me out; I don't believe anything justifies coercion against peaceable people. I can work for Dr. Paul because he is the only option to total tyranny. All other options agree on tyranny, with a sliding scale of preferences and priorities.

Those Greens who understand the dangers of top-down legislation and necessity of localized community power are already becoming allies. The Progressive label is a ball-and-chain for you, with decades of coercive baggage, wars, and failures behind it."

The correct answer is all other options agree on tyranny by following a morally wrong agenda. You will never get the Tea Party to agree to your "proposals" unless you drop the idea it must be government-mandated. We are who changed these states and made State rights trump Federal and we are who won all those seats. Not the progressive agenda.

Increasing spending will only increase the problems of the machine, leading to "MORE" borrowing for war & entitlements. What you seem to be unaware of, is that the unemployment program appears good on paper.....while in reality it is shipping the manufacturing overseas & into China because we don't produce!

By putting more and more on unemployment, they don't have a reason to produce and they CAN'T produce markets. A "free market" is the exact opposite of a government mandate society, the government is not allowed to interfere with economy by use of regulations and controls on services. A true free market will be kept in line by the courts, where corrupt corporations actually go bankrupt. Not "mothered" to death by the government!


Your "well-meaning" ideas are what brought us into the New World Order to start with and cannot be changed. John Bolton and FDR thought as you. You cannot forcibly change society through mandates & censorship! It never does what you think because people do NOT conform. You can only change society through the free flow of individuals, the differences which we all have.

Progress can never be achieved through forceful law. Your "progressives" do not need to convert us, they need to convert themselves to be puritans.

reedr3v's picture

RP has shown a willingness to modify

his goals and work for a transition to a less authoritarian approach domestically; he doesn't hope to transform American dependency overnight.

But I think it's time for the progressives to step up and speak out for more local control, more responsibility, a retreat from trying to impose mandatory federal legislation on unwilling people.

Otherwise even if Greens get the laws and federal funding they want, they will lose the flexibility and dynamic creativity of people free to create and innovate. Every federal program since the beginning has frozen or killed innovation, or diverted it to militarism or crony monopolists.

Dr. Paul is most about education of those who are beguiled into believing government propaganda that magic federal fairy dust can create prosperity and resolve deep problems. Instead it cements those problems in place and builds bureaucratic superstructures around them to justify the agencies' existence and ever-increasing budgets, while killing private competition and innovation.

As a progressive

I would be very amenable to sending that 40% with no strings attached to state governments if you do it based strictly on population. Would you be ok with that? Are you ok with states having the right to mandate single payer health insurance if that is what their people want? My guess is you would say yes to both of these and this is the kind of thing Ron Paul supporters need to be urging him to agree to do. If he put this kind of proposal out their progressives would flock to him and he would get the nomination and win the election. Libertarians need to swallow their supposed purist pride and bolster his boldness in coalition building.

If people want healthcare (I

If people want healthcare (I do) they should not need MANDATES to get it. My solution would be monthly payments directly to a hospital and doctor to get their services when you need them, and bypass the insurance industry if you have pre-existing conditions or other reasons one can not get traditional coverage. Sure wish I could do that.

reedr3v's picture

I've watched your posts and appreciated

your sincerity in seeking a coalition to resolve deep problems, recognize common values, and work together for mutual benefit.

But it seems you are thinking of stereotypical "Republicans," deal-makers and compromisers. I don't demean that effort, but I've been a libertarian my entire adult life because I realized long ago that coercion of people does not work, is a short-term tactic that inevitably backfires long term. It is not mere "purist pride," but deep and proven conviction.

It's a good step for Progressives to work to shorten the distance between people and government. States surely are easier to influence than the militarized, central government. And it gives us 50 chances to experiment and find good solutions instead of one.

When you talk of accepting mandates you leave me out; I don't believe anything justifies coercion against peaceable people. I can work for Dr. Paul because he is more educator than politician,is the only politician who understands the unity of peace/freedom, and is the only option to total tyranny. All other options agree on tyranny, with a sliding scale of preferences and priorities.
Those Greens who understand the dangers of top-down legislation and the necessity of localized community power are already becoming allies. The Progressive label is a ball-and-chain for you, with decades of coercive baggage, wars, and failures behind it.

Well said, Reed.