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Herman Cain: The GOP choice is now promoted by Right wing talk radio

Today on the "barry Young" rightwing radio show in Phoenix, the listener gets a full three hours of them joking on and disrespecting all other GOP contenders, but tease the listeners all day with ..

..."Could you imagine Herman Cain taking on Obama in the debates? Now that's going to be a debate! Plus Cain doesn't have all the Newt baggage, or the Palin hate following or Ron Paul's cranky old isolationists ideas and his crazed libertarian following. Herman Cain is the real deal and Republicans should be proud that they have their black presidential hopeful and get out there and support him. Now I am sure some crazed Ron Paul out there will be calling in, they always do, its like clockwork with those people, but the fact is Ron Paul is an Isolationists and Bin Laden would still be alive today if Paul had his way. If you thought Pat Buchannan was out there back when he ran for President, then Ron Paul is two steps ahead of Pat Buchannan. The bottom line is the GOP doesn't need that faction to win, so we all need to start listing more to this Herman Cain fellow. Did you see him clean up at the Republican debates? My gosh, it made you forget immediately that Pawlenty and Sanatorium where in the race! Cain is both intelligent and an explosive speaker. I would love to see Cain stand there and go toe to toe and exchanging real blows against this liberal President Obama. And you know Cain doesn't have the Romeny care or flip flopping on abortion to worry about. Perhaps it will be a Cain/Romney ticket or Cain/Huckabee ticket, but whatever happens, this Herman Cain fellow is good. Do you know he was a CEO and Fed Reserve man...."

You get the idea. Its soon going to be all about the Black President taking on the Black Challenger..."toe to toe and exchanging blows". I suspect all across the USA all right wing talk radio is going full out for Herman Cain.

So besides flip flopping on auditing the Fed, what else do we know about Herman Cain?

In peace and liberty,

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Cain can't take the south.

Mike Huckabee's bible belt won't vote for this guy.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.



this radio show, regarding Cain, it was stated, "Do you know he was a CEO and Fed Reserve man?"
Yes, I did...and that's the reason Cain would not get my vote under any circumstances!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Alan Keyes

This is much the same logic used to support Alan Keyes opposing Barack in the Senate. That turned out to be an 80%-20% drubbing. Cain would do little better.

And Barry Young is dead wrong on both of his criticisms against Dr. Paul. If Dr. Paul was president, Osama bin Laden would've been dead ten years ago. It was Dr. Paul who issued the marque and reprisal bill to target Osama, and whoever was responsible for 9-11, rather than taking the rabbit trails against Saddam, Iraq, and whoever else.

And killing people is not the only thing that determines that one is not an isolationist. Dr. Paul supports trade, cultural exchange, visitation, etc. with other countries.