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Ron Paul Door-to-Door campaigner Ipad app?

The Ron Paul Revolution is hugely fueled by the internet, I'm sure that can be generally agreed upon. It seems to me like the Revolution without the internet as a tool is severely weakened. This has caused problems getting real votes in the past, because door-to-door campaigning does not really mesh with the internet yet. I believe this can be changed though, and here is my idea how.

I believe it would be of great interest to the Ron Paul campaign to make a Ipad/Android Tablet application that can be downloaded by campaigners across the country. This would essentially allow the revolution to be completely brought to the doorstep of every American.

I would certainly love to help with the project, but my programming skills are limited so I cannot do the project on my own. So, anyone and everyone can feel free to contact me to help with this, or simply take the idea and run with it. I just want Ron Paul's supporters to have every tool possible in order to help him with the primary and ultimate the presidency.

Here are some of the features I think would be very helpful to the campaign:

-Tell you if a RP campaigner has already been to that house?
-Try and find, based on publicly available voter registration data which residences to target and which to skip (i.e. filter out houses who are registered democrats for the primary, but not the general election presuming he wins the primary)?
-The ability to easily add households to phone/e-mail/facebook lists instantly.
-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page with links to RP opinions, voting records, video's, ect.
-Donation pages allowing for people to use many methods to donate to a number of sources.
-Current Ron Paul newsfeed sources. This would be for the campaigners mainly, but it would give them up to the minute news on Ron Paul, which may not be helpful for that day of campaigning but can help them stay informed and such.
-Instant voter registration form e-mailed (or ordered to be mailed, or whatever the state does as far as registration)
-Any other information that may be useful to the campaigners (local people up for election that share Ron Paul's views, election dates/polling locations, current tracking numbers (money, votes, whatver).
-A live chat with other using the app maybe? Allowing for everyone to feel connected, and questions can be answered instantly

Thank you,

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App would likely download

App would likely download precinct information from a https server and then upload after the precinct walk completed. A big part of the App will be communication, authentication and authorization between the device and server.

I've struggled with multiple pages of walk lists in the wind and at night. Looking forward to not having to print, carry, transcribe paper walk lists in the future.

I would be happy to help out on the server end of this application. Does the RP2012PCC have a technology team?



Bump, this is one great idea. I for one would use this.
I like the talking points idea,
registered voter lists for dems and repubs (so that we can tailor the talking points and given material we hand out,
Ways of tracking if we have been to a house,
ways of seeing overall campaigning effort in any given county, state, city.

This tool would singlehandedly allow for us to help Dr. Paul win!!


I'm skeptical about any voter

I'm skeptical about any voter info we datamine via Apple-based or google-based applications. I fear that the security will be compromised and other campaigns would gain access to our valuable precinct voter info!

Caveate Emptor!

I recommend old school MS Word, tables/charts. I prefer Pen and paper most! No one can steal it from me that way. At least not w/o a fight!

Besides, a precinct isn't so big. It can be managed w/o electronics--especially w/o the privacy invading Apple/Google.

Which voter information are

Which voter information are you saying that you are worried about being stolen? As far as I can tell now the only info we would be requesting is e-mail addresses or things of that sort, and if we can accept donations at the door than some kind of credit number is needed, but I'm assuming those are always sent encrypted and our website will be holding the actual data not Apple or Google.

The information we will be using for the map is the same that the other candidates are using, so it probably wouldn't be worth stealing from us.

when I went canvassing

when I went canvassing door-to-door, my 1st question was which candidate do you think will win the nomination. I listed their choice by their name.

I asked what issue was most imp. I also listed that answer by their name. I also gave the corresponding slim jim to them.

Then I told them I'm supporting Ron Paul. I gave them more info, answered questions, maybe some small talk and then I left.

That info IS very key to the campaign! When you have that info for everyone in the precinct and you have numerous precincts, other campaigns will be drooling to get that info!

That actually is true and

That actually is true and reminds me of another features I'd like to add to this, which is a user submission system for scripts to help campaigners know what to say.

I don't know if the fears of them stealing that information from us are warranted, but that is just my opinion. I will make sure to speak about it in the process of making it, we will certainly keep the safety of the users information as the highest priority.

It's not the individual info

It's not the individual info that is valuable. It's all the pennies that make up the dollar. It's the big picture info that takes days and days of work to gather.

Knowing that Springfield County is predominantly interested in preserving gun rights; or ending wars or...whatever reveals to politicians which issues they need to emphasize most!

When you go canvassing, you only knock on doors on people who are registereed to vote and in the relevant party AND who demonstrate a consistent habit of actually voting.

As a result the info you gather is VERY targeted to a relevant audience. This demographic picture is EXTREMELY valuable to political campaigns!!!

I understand, I included all

I understand, I included all of that in the idea of user info, because they will be submitting it. Sorry if it confused.

This will be a top priority for sure

I personally think software

I personally think software should be developed to run on a device that does not and CAN NOT have GPS or internet access. That is the only way to keep the info secure. The govt can currently access anyone's email, laptop or cell phone as long as the device has the GPS chip or internet access.

My favorite device which I still use is my Palm T3 Tungsten. Tons of apps, easy to use, simple OS, nice handy stylus--can't go wrong. In order to consolidate info simply meet up with your county coordinator; this can't be too far if it's w/in your own county. County coordinators can meet each other to consolidate multiple county info to finally give you the entire state.

E-mail me if you'd like to help

Thanks for all the support.

I have responded to all of the e-mails I have received, so if you haven't gotten a response there may have been an issue somewhere.

If you have not e-mail me and would like to be involved in this process then please shoot me over an e-mail. I am working on the introduction e-mail to send to everyone, so the sooner I get your e-mail address the sooner you can be part of this project. Be aware that this is going to be a very fast moving project (it has to be), so don't wait to e-mail me if you'd like to help

My e-mail: thetranscendent@gmail.com

Hi guys

Thanks for the heads up Poq. Canvassing tools are something that I've been looking into but I have not started working on yet. I can probably get a system working eventually, but I have no idea how long it would take and I think we need some of these tools right away.
If you are a programmer here, could you contact me at emaildanchen@gmail.com
What I'm thinking we can do is put together a Liberty Hacker team. We could all work on building liberty related tech tools together. For example, if we were to build a Ron Paul canvassing website with a mobile template, I could just plug it into the Ron Paul App, and people with tablets/laptops could use the tools too. I'm currently working on a system that gives users points for learning about politics and participating in activism related stuff like supporting/opposing legislation and could use some help with that project too.

Each person should probably have a unique

log-in name or number tied to a mailing list to prevent unauthorized data entry... or something.

I'm a coder

And I've done both iOS and Android apps. I could probably help so let me know..

I could help out with the

I could help out with the Android app, though I'd rather a us guy took the reins.

Here are a couple of apps I have done.


drop me a line if help is needed

The People's President
Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012

Bump. And on this, I am


And on this, I am looking for an iOS developer to code a basic app for http://RonPaulFlix.com

I will pay the right person to do it, though because we have RSS feeds, it will be very simple.


Do you have a youtube channel?

I like your site. If you have a youtube channel, I could add your videos into the current Ron Paul App if you like. If you make a youtube channel with playlists setup just like they are on your website, that would work really well. It would hopefully send a lot of traffic to your site, and it would make the video section of the Ron Paul App much better.

Having a YT channel would be

Having a YT channel would be a big step backwards from our RSS feed. Our feed has better names for the videos, a quality screengrab done by a human of the video for thumbnail use, and we're not dependent on YT. We also download every video we embed in case they disappear, which let's us heal any missing videos without interruption to the user. Using YT seems like a big step backwards, and harder to implement as well.

What I am looking to do is create an app that allows favoriting, and perma-caching of the clips.

I can add your vids using RSS

However, the platform I am using does not support landscape mode, so vids from rss on iPhone don't play full screen but they are okay on Android. If I use a YouTube channel, it's a little easier to create multiple playlists and the vids play fine on both iPhone and Android because I'm using the YouTube API. So YouTube is more ideal for me but I can use the RSS if you guys don't want to go that route.

We'll find a way to inject

We'll find a way to inject the YT URL into the feed. Email through the website so we can communicate via email.

I'm in San Francisco

That is the meet up I'm going to tonight. Shoot me an email through here and we can try to chat off-line this week. Maybe get you out to next month's meet up.

We can follow up with the two names (bruce lii, and whoever just commented that they could convert it to android).

Let's try to keep it simple and we could get it done pretty soon, if need be, we can patch it later.

Let's try to get a small email list/thread going off the DP as well, like, by the end of the week? And see who is down to really work on this.


Jack Wagner

Android port

I can port it to Android once its done, just let me know.

Amazing Idea!

Talk about making this easy. This a great idea, unfortunately I too have little programming skills. Do you go to meet ups? I've got one tonight, I'll see if anyone there would be able to help. I have a friend that does iPhone apps, but he is fair anti-political and I'd rather find someone in on the cause (the passion will help).

But basically, your idea is solid. Maybe campaigners need to get a download code (does iphone do that?) to get the app, being it would have access to the campaigns database. Or! I got it!

Have the app d/l for free. There will be a basic user front with some resources/info - maybe campaign updates.

Then, there will be a login for campaign volunteers that bring them too all the great resources you were talking about. That can be taken care of through a website, much better than a d/l code.

Either way, let's work on this!

Jack Wagner

Either way, let's work on this!

I have not been to any meetups yet. I am in San Jose and the closest seems to be San Francisco, so it is just such a hassle (the drive, parking, everything). Though I will go to a meetup with my idea at least, because I am in the Bar Area so programmers are fairly plentiful here. I've also had the thought of starting my own meetup in SJ if there really isn't one anywhere to be found.

Yea, that sounds like a great way to create the app, allowing everyone to learn about Ron Paul from it, but only giving the campaigners the resources that are important for campaigning. It could end up being a great tool for Ron Paul fans and campaigners alike.

Lets see what type of support this receives and we can find where to go from there.

There is a member here

that has built some apps. I think his username was "Bruce Li" You might to try and do some searches on here and find his username, and contact him.

I'm not sure I spelled his username right.

Great, I will look

I will keep an eye out and look for him. If you remember any spelling or come across him, it'd be a great favor to post it here (or send him a link to this thread I guess).

Thanks again

Here you go.

Unfortunately he doesn't have his contact available.


You can research his posts and maybe find something..

Yes the app creator is Dan Chen, "Bruise_Lii" on DP

He is very involved in creating an awesome Ron Paul app that can be used in such a way. The app is great as is but he is working to make it even better. It has tons of resources and even a little community developing on its forums.

I use it all the time to show people quick videos to great effect about what Ron's position really are on whatever topic happens to come up. I'll let Dan know about this thread and try to put him in contact with you, this is a great idea and we should definitely do it!

Maybe as a paid upgrade

Maybe as a paid upgrade feature he could include polling functionality that would help out on the local levels to collect information and then upload to his own server database (or maybe Mike N. and Jon would be able to work some kind of revenue share with him).