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Va. Gov. McDonnell: Less Government = More Money

HUMAN EVENTS had the opportunity to sit down with Gov. Robert McDonnell of Virginia for an exclusive interview at his Richmond office to discuss how he inherited two budget shortfalls in the billions, but maneuvered his way to producing a budget … surplus!

Oh, and he did it by not raising taxes.

And revenues to the government increased.

And unemployment is hovering at 6%, way below the national average.


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I voted for the man. I wish

I voted for the man. I wish he was much more Libertarian on social issues, but he has cut a lot of fat. He also tried to issue private licenses for all of our ABC stores, but here in VA we have a thing against alcohol so it didn't happen :( I don't want to slam my own state, but we do have a lot of military bases so that really helps with the our unemployment numbers. Still it would be nice if we could cut taxes, maybe even eliminate the state income tax altogether. Also, DAMN YOU CLICK IT OR TICKET ;)

Where's the link?

Where's the link?

Sorry bout that


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