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Rasmussen: GOP Race Now Wide Open — Look for Dark Horse

The GOP presidential nominee will probably be someone who’s not even in the mix yet, pollster Scott Rasmussen told NewsmaxTV in an exclusive interview.

The race is so wide open and the enthusiasm for all the declared candidates is so weak that a dark horse could come from nowhere and clinch the nomination at the wire, he said.

And the chances of the Republicans actually taking the White House will depend almost entirely on the economy, Rasmussen predicted. If it’s doing well by fall 2012, President Obama will win a second term; if it’s into a double dip recession the GOP will get in easily and if it’s still bumping along like it is now, it will be a tight race.

Rasmussen was speaking as the political fall-out from the withdrawals of Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump were reshaping the Republican run. He says that latest polls show that Huckabee, Trump and Sarah Palin between them are the first choices of 43 percent of GOP voters — although two are definitely out and Palin probably won’t run either.


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Mike Huckabee supporter backs

Mike Huckabee supporter backs Jon Huntsman
By KASIE HUNT | 5/16/11 6:02 PM EDT

Only days after Mike Huckabee announced he won’t run for president, his former South Carolina campaign chairman has thrown his support behind Jon Huntsman.

Mike Campbell — son of the late South Carolina Gov. Carroll Campbell — released a statement Monday saying he’d spoken with Huntsman and urged him to run for the Republican nomination in 2012.

“On his recent visit to South Carolina, I had the opportunity to meet with Gov. Jon Huntsman, and I was extremely impressed,” Campbell said in a statement. “Gov. Huntsman and I spoke on the phone today, and we had a great conversation. I strongly urged him to run for the Republican nomination for president and offered my enthusiastic support if he does.”


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