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Major bone to pick...

This is the last chance... the last chance for a person to represent us as president who is philosophically and fundamentally the right person.

The people who are slowly waking up and realizing the truth are in greater numbers now then they ever have been.

I worked my butt off spreading the word in 07-08. Despite the low votes for RP, his visibility during the election catapulted the support we have now...

Now to my bone picking for RP... Can you hire some legitimate campaign staffers, advisors, and people that can actually help you win the R nomination?

Every time you go on TV, neocons corner you into talking about something stupid like legalizing drugs, not helping Mississippi flood victims, and not killing OBL. They dangle the bait, and you bite. When they ask you a direct question, you start talking about an off-topic history lesson, then before you know it, your time is up, commercial break. DON'T YOU KNOW THIS HURTS YOU??? You spend your precious airtime defending garbage.

The reason people initially got behind you is because of the big picture of libertarian ideology! The FED is screwing us, the free market works, and I can make better decisions regarding my personal life and habits than you can. I make my bed and I’ll lay in it.

In the latest Fox video, when he asked if FEMA should help the flood victims, you said “Why should the taxpayer pay for them.” Well guess what??? Americans like helping fellow Americans!!! Why can't you quickly say, "What happened there is horrible, but this catastrophe would not be near as bad if flood insurance was left only to private companies. If they won't insure you, it’s probably not a good idea to build a house there! Private insurance companies have to make good insurability decisions to remain solvent; government insures what is politically correct. It's proven that government insurance makes bad decisions; this is why the free market works. It prevents catastrophe and saves a ton of money."

Ron Paul, to win the game you must play the game. It doesn't mean you sacrifice your principals or lie, but at least know what resonates with voters.

Recognize when pundits bait you, and don't get sucked in. Focus on the PHILOSOPHY and we might be able to win the primary.

Again, dump the friends and family campaign staff and hire professionals who can at least give you ...and us.... a shot at liberty.

-Frustrated supporter

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He should hire a cartoonist as a consultant. :)

Seriously, I could make it work for him. He is giving the enemy too many openings to hurt him. Needs sound bites. Badly.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Hiya Hon

Come on over for coffee sometime..your always welcomed

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

As good a start as any...

I guess this is a good place to start this account. Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the Daily Paul community! I realize that some of you guys don't respect new users, but please try to accept me if you can. We have a lot of work to do for 2012!

Challenge everything and the path will be clear.


Respect everyone but trolls and newbie flamers.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

not true

Everyone here is glad to welcome new members. It is the disruptive trolls we are wary of - the ones who sign up for new accounts and start posting negative things about Ron Paul.

And what good is winning the presidency...

if the people aren't ready to accept your views? I'm older than many of you here and what I like most about Ron Paul is he is willing to take the punches he knows are coming without dodging. He is a stand and duke it out fighter. People will come to respect that. If he starts dodging questions or leading off topic people will recognize that in a second and he will become just another guy that wants the presidency as a feather in his cap. By being controversial and not backing off his views he becomes the only "real" candidate, something we haven't had since Ross Perot. I think he's doing just fine and after all people, this isn't a popularity contest this time around and the things that need to happen to get this country back in the right direction are going to entail hardship on everyone. There is no easy road to freedom and that is what he is showing us. If he doesn't win we still haven't lost anything because someone will take up the position when he does tire and the fight will go on. This isn't about one man, it's about an idea we all share and when it's time we will win. Have no doubts about that..we will win!!!!

He does not have time

He does not have to explain every answer in the detail they both deserve and require.
He needs to stream line and simplify his answer for TV and refer people to his books for a more complete view of his philosophy.

his current staff . . .

need to reach out to folks like Judge Nap and Tom Woods secretively and get their perspectives and criticism/advice to Ron. Also use Rand. He got elected over a big political(a$$hole) opponent.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I feel you!

Ron needs people to prep him, or he needs to stop being on TV 24/7.....
He just simply needs to point people to freedom.
Let us use UBL as an example.
Neo Con talking Head, "Ron it is unbelievable to me that you would not have ordered the execution of UBL".

Ron Paul, "You see small government is a total package, the President that can order execution of any person he wants, with out a trial can certainly order another person to purchase healthcare. So Mr. Necon Talking Head, the question is really do you want smaller government or not?"

Simple shit

Wait..is that how Ron

responded? Or is that how you're saying he should have responsed? Cause, I dunno about you, but I like that answer!

That is how he should respond

They are trying to paint him as a nut. He needs to turn the tables, and only has 30 seconds to answer. He can not go into big long windy philosophical answers. He needs to be short and sweet.
Some times the best thing to do when some one is trying to straw man your position, is straw man the counter position.

That is what built the Neo Con empire today, if you disagree with them they call you a Mulsim sympathizer or a communist.

Ron Paul needs to say when asked about natural disasters, "what makes this country great is the people and principles we are founded on. I join with and applaud the millions of individual Americans in praying for and donating to the victims of this terrible tragedy, but I can not endorse a system that steals from person to give to another".

Did you hear Tom Woods on antiwar?

He explains why Ron's willingness to approach uncomfortable topics may be a blessing in disguise.


Leftright -

Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. I cringed when I heard Ron last week talking about the flood & OBL. He could have made his points without sounding so cold about peoples' plights, and the success of getting OBL (which I don't believe happened, I'm now a "deather"). While I don't think Ron should voice doubt about OBL's death, the focus now should be on getting out of these wars. OBL's gone, move on.

Ron's appearance in Reno was so,so. He didn't talk much at the book-signing. His speech was prefaced by two speakers who really didn't need to be heard. In 2007 at the same hall, a wonderful video was shown first that really got the crowd going. The same could have been done. Instead, he was given boring introductions and honestly, spoke for at least 30 minutes too long. I have video of the whole deal, you can see the people ready to fall asleep. The C4L table did not have one Ron Paul t-shirt, bumper sticker or ball cap for sale. They could have made at least a thousand dollars selling those things, even that wonderful poster of Ron from the painting that NYC had. All they had were C4L swag. I've gotta wonder at the skills of his crew. The YAL guy said he was "learning." Learning? You were supposed to have graduated if you're handling the boss. I wish Ron had some very experienced people in his camp who were totally on his team - sigh.....

Cynthia - I was in Reno and met you.

and I totally agree about some of your comments. Ron cannot run this campaign by himself and needs much more professional support. He needs to hire the big guns now. He has the $1 mil money bomb, spend it!

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.



responded to wrong comment

respectfully, I don't

believe this is the "last chance". If RP doesn't become our next president the movement for liberty will not die. This revolution will not simply go away. Keep in mind when you get frustrated that the revolution that led to the formation of the USA took over 40 years.

But yes, sometimes I get frustrated with the political aspects. Way too slow for me. But we have to keep the faith.
Contary to your advice, most folks are advising Dr. Paul to set aside the philosophy and focus on concrete solutions. I lean that way myself. I think most voters want to know what he would do as president rather than why he would do it.


totally agree.

He needs solution statements, and now!

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Yes, we need more pandering

much more pandering. And one-liners darnit!

"fellow patriots in this

"fellow patriots in this exceptional nation the united states of america...god bless you and yes god is blessing america."

"...we can restore americas promise...I lived the american dream...but we need to restore american common sense."

"I've led...reform...reform...having the courage to lead"

How are these?

These are from the closing remarks of the last "debate."

13 No servant can serve two masters; for either he shall hate the one, and love the other, or else he shall lean to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and riches. - Luke 16

Ron Paul does need coaching

Excellent job of making a point that I also made but not as well as you did.

I cringed when I heard Ron Paul's comments on bin Laden. On the radio show, Ron Paul should have emphasized how glad he was that bin Laden was gone, then said that he would have targeted bin Laden faster and at far less cost in lives and money, and then explained how his foreign policy, including Lettres of Marque, would work. Instead, he went off track on shooting vs. arresting bin Laden and allowed himself to be painted as soft on bin Laden. The neocons are howling about this and won't let him live it down.

We love Ron Paul because we love his consistency and unified message. In order to get that message across, he has to stay focused on the big picture and avoid get sucked in. Only a small percentage of people are going to research his viewpoints as we did. We need the sheeple on our side, too. Most people need to be spoonfed.

In short, Ron Paul needs good consultants to help him stay focused. Harry Browne, RIP, was a master of Libertarian soundbites. I am sure that there are other libertarians who could help Ron Paul convey his ideas more clearly under fire.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

They point is to be honest

They point is to be honest and up front. Shoot from the hip and convince freedom is bit something you can have in one sector, it's one whole set that influences every aspect of your life. He should stick to his up front take that and like it because it's what this country was founded on and Gave us such prosperity with no debt for a while.

The point is to not play the game and be who is and let the seed grow. He either sticks to his principle and win over hearts and minds or appeal to one section so everyone can bash you later for not be up front.

It's sad that we have expect a certain look from a politician. They should not be quick tongued and sneaky. He should be honest and an experienced person.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

American arrogance

RP has walked the walk in his personal life. What I mean by this is:
He is a person of faith
He values a strong family
He is a responsible person

Because he is the thing he preaches he has a wife of 50+ years, 5 children, 18 grandchildren and a handful of great grandchildren. Because this 75 year old man has worked and saved, as he preaches, he can retire and enjoy the golden years of his life with this wonderful family in reasonable comfort. What a gift probably more than most will get in this crazy world.

Instead of doing that, at 75 he will continue the 6-7 day a week grind, 10-12 hours a day for the next year and a half, because he loves liberty. Because he LOVES our FREEDOM as much as his. He is who he is and I am thankful for that fact.

If you can’t say thank you and be part of the effort please say nothing. “We seek not your arms nor your counsel and may posterity forget that …”


Liberty = Responsibility

Good debate

There is no doubt how hard he works or how great of a man he is.

Do you want him to be president or a great congressman who advances the ideals of liberty?

Fresno, CA

What I want is not relevant

I can share with you what I want and I am not sure what that will change. I do not see this a matter of wants.
This is about Liberty. That is it, Liberty. We are blessed that one man remains, and is willing to accept with both eyes open, the abuse, attacks and cheap shots that will only increase over time.
Could RP do things better?
Of course. Who doesn’t have a laundry list of things they can do better.

This is similar to frustrations from the last cycle. Much frustration was voiced and palatable schism opened.

No one has set expectations with us that the Good Dr will be the most polished candidate, that his staff will be filled with most talented sharks in the election industry. These are external expectations we are placing on him.

The fact is Liberty is the attraction. If that cause isn’t going to fulfill us win, lose, or draw than there is a good chance we will not be fulfilled regardless of what RP does doesnt do.

Anyway thank you for the response. Hope that made some sense.

Peace be with you,

Liberty = Responsibility

I've said it before and I'll

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ron Paul is raw truth and reason. If you want good hair and polished pandering stick with Mitt. Ron Paul may just get new people's attention because of his unscripted responses to the gotcha questions. I think there is blowback in his favor. Each gotcha is leading to many more interviews and more viewers.

You want him to hire outsiders?

And what is to stop them from sabotaging his Presidential run. I mean if all it takes to win is money. Hiring someone with political exp, the highest bidder per se, could easily be bought off wouldn't you think? The problem with the people you want to hire is that they make their money by the way things are now. You honestly think a big time political campaign organizer has the message of liberty and freedom as their number one? If that was the case we wouldn't be here. If you don't have enough faith that Ron knows what he is doing then you got a lot more learning to do there sunny. If I were Ron I wouldn't hire any of the alleged super campaign organizers. Especially if I knew how it really is after being in the mess for 30 yrs. I understand you want to win and win badly. We shouldn't have to compromise to get the win. All that does is fly in the face of what Ron has always said.

"The more you understand everything, the more you can understand anything."

Here's the thing...

...consultants are like lawyers. They will give their best professional opinion but Ron is still ultimately responsible as the candidate. This is why Ron needs to hire the absolute best that money can buy for his campaign. Does anyone believe for even a second that Romney or Obama haven't been planning and strategizing with a "war room" full of the top people for months, possibly longer?

It's all about pre-planning, weighing strategic options, knowing what will be asked and said well in advance in the debates, getting a dumpster-load of high rollers with rock solid support lined up long before formal announcements, having a well designed AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEB SITE ready to go on day ONE....

Ron is never going to be more confident than he is now... Where is his presidential planning team?

maybe he needs to hire people he trusts.

and some outsiders who can coach him on some points. Rely on those he trusts to make sure he is not being led astray. This is not a game of just facts, history and truth. When you run for President it is a game of wits and to know when to hold em, know when to fold em. It's also a game of appearance and strategy.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


I have a bone to pick with criticizing campaign staff picks

It is not an easy thing to pick trusted competent staff members.

Again, dump the friends and family campaign staff and hire professionals who can at least give you ...and us.... a shot at liberty.

Can you really trust "professionals" who have no real stake in the game or loyalty other than collecting a pay check? Who knows what other pay checks they could be receiving on the side to ruin the campaign. At this point it's all about trust. I trust Ron, and he needs people he can trust, and those are the people that have stuck by him through thick and thin. Sure there have been flubs and inexplicable incompetencies, but those have only served as experience for the now seasoned veteran campaign staff. It's a different campaign now than it was in 2008. I don't know if you've noticed but Ron's campaign staff has him non stop plugged into the 24 hour news cycle. I can hardly keep up myself. I have no idea how he does it or his staff. HE'S EVERYWHERE!
They're doing great! Could they do better? Sure. Could they use a little more professional help? Sure. But to wholesale throw the entire campaign staff and family members out is completely ridiculous. Those who criticize usually look at the 1% they've done wrong or messed up and fail to see or appreciate the 99% they've done right thanklessly and unnoticed. Unless you've worked and lived and sweated with his staff and family members and know for a fact they are detrimental to his campaign chances, go ahead and give credit where its due. They're doing a great job. The question isn't whether they should be replaced, it's whether they should expand and take on even more. That's where I can see contracting out to professionals to help out would come in handy but as for Ron's inner circle I trust Ron's decision in that regard.

That said I don't know if he has had any recent consultation from his staff or any proffesionals but I've noticed that he's taken a far more aggressive/assertive/confident tone in his interviews with devious interviewers and is now calling them out on their underhanded tactics. This is a most welcome development. This appears to be his staff coaching him, and if so bravo on that! That last interview was probably some of the hardest ball Chris Matthews has ever played. You could pretty much see chris by the end cowering away with his tail between his legs. My fists were in the air! Ron owned him.

Now I do agree with your point about practicing and having well prepared, well framed counter arguments ready to go that resonate with voters hearts and minds. That should be first and foremost. It is the message that is top priority. It can not be left to chance or garbled or misinterpreted. The message needs to be pure crisp and concise.
You gave a good example regarding fema and government vs private insurance:

"What happened there is horrible, but this catastrophe would not be near as bad if flood insurance was left only to private companies. If they won't insure you, it’s probably not a good idea to build a house there! Private insurance companies have to make good insurability decisions to remain solvent; government [does not], it insures what is politically correct. It's proven that government insurance makes bad decisions; this is why the free market works. It prevents catastrophe and saves a ton of money."

This is an excellent example of what needs to be said, practiced and snapped out when the question is raised. Ron is pretty good on his feet and shooting from the hip, he knows the issues thoroughly and can give a decent answer on just about any subject, but answers like these are what he needs to work on to ensure maximum clarity and resonate with the American public.

As far as taking the bait on controversial issues I actually suspect Ron puts out the bait in the first place :D. I'm fairly certain he knows exactly how controversial what he says is and fully expects the jaw dropped media to latch on to it and question him about it. He uses the opportunity to teach and talk about certain important issues and illustrate points that otherwise get overlooked. Its the old mantra Any publicity = good publicity. His shocking statements have been making waves and getting him even more airtime. Especially since he's right. You don't see people beating down Pawlenty's door to get his blah opinion on things. They want to ask someone who has a bold fresh honest perspective on things who's not afraid to say the unpopular thing. Someone who'll really rile up the debate and get people thinking. So I don't think the entrapping questions are much of an issue, they often turn out positively for Dr. Paul. It also makes him come off as authentic because he does not avoid the tough questions like most weasily politicians do. Its a breath of fresh air and endearing to the voter. When I first learned about Ron Paul some of his stances made me furious. After hearing his explanations I was dumbfounded and said to myself, "you know, he's right. How come nobody else sees it like he does? I'm intrigued". Now if such annoying entrapping questions are asked incessantly at the expense of the real issues than there's a problem but lately Ron has been taking his interviewers to task for this and I don't believe he will put up with much more of their nonsense and they know it. They see he's no longer a fringe candidate and that his chances are very real and they are forced to respect that despite their personal feelings. This truly is Ron Paul's election, and they know it.

Ron's staff is doing great. I trust Ron's decisions. I agree that clear concise answers should be worked on and practiced to resonate with voters and get the message across clearly but sometimes his misunderstood statements get him extra air time to explain further, which isnt so bad.

Sensative on the staff?

It's imposible to hire campaign professionals who don't have a stake in the game or who actually want him to win? C'mon!

No doubt, he is much better prepared this time around, but in reality that isn't saying much. Yes, he is all over TV which is fantastic. More and more people are hearing the message and starting to do their own research.

Hear me out though... Go onto his website and try to order an official campaign bumper sticker. Oops.

Basics... I wanted RP to win SO bad in 2008, but I just knew his running in 08' was just a platform to spread the message. This time I EXPECT him to win.

Calling everyone neocons and saying "He can't win, the system is rigged" is a bunch of BS. Put the rubber to the road and do what it takes to win. And in this day and age it takes a lot of money and bright minds to win an election.

Fresno, CA