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It is a Must to remind your 'Warmongering' friends and Obama liberals, about Cgr Paul's 'Marque and Reprisal'

We must stress that, Cgr Paul sponsored a bill 'Marque and Reprisal' on Oct. 10, 2001, which would of given President Bush the authority to use appropiated money to use for a reward and funding for tracking and taking out bin Laden. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h107-3076&tab=... It must be pointed out that he had only 9 co-sponsors on a bill, which would of made a direct statement, that if you mess with the US, we can easily eliminate you! It is important to also point out, that this wouldn't have made the 'special interest' aka the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, and Wall Street the billions they can make by going to war. It would of saved thousands of US military lives and thousands of civilian Afghan lives, and the thousands of wounded military and Afgan civilians, and much of the debt incurred from the ventures. It is not a show of strength by getting bogged down in wars against mostly civilian insurgents, but a quick and precise attack on the enemies alleged leader, would of shown the world, 'if you mess with us you will pay dearly, most likely in death'. It is of utmost importance to wake up the 'brainwashed' people, that if the government is not protecting our borders, then the 'war on terror' is a mere charade, and they are not trully defending America.