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Sign Up For Notifications of RP Related Talk Radio Call-Ins! - Opinions needed

I am planning a service to coordinate our support of Ron Paul and the Liberty message. I need your ideas to make it as user friendly as possible.

First, some background:

Talk Radio is the most conservative media in America today. It's a great way to reach people who vote in Republican primaries. Radio shows discuss issues, and listeners call in to join the conversation on-air. The more Liberty minded people who call, the better our chances are of being heard.

Ron Paul's Campaign is concentrating on the early primary states for 2012, so we will too. These are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Here's my first idea:

Create a website where RP supporters from all over the US can sign up to get notifications of radio show call-ins. You tell us your cell number and/or email address. When a radio station in one of the four early states is accepting callers, we send you an email/text with: 1. A link to listen to the station online. 2. The phone number to call in. 3. A link to unsubscribe from our alerts. If you have time, you open the link, listen to the conversation, and dial in to support Liberty.

On the back end, the website will have a database of the talk radio stations in those states, the links for their web streams, their phone numbers, and their call sign (WABC, KXYZ, etc). We'll have a way for approved RP supporters in the four main states to notify us of a call-in, which generates the message that goes out to you.

Now for my second idea:

We could do basically the same thing much more easily using Twitter, or RSS feeds.

So who would use the service, and call in to these radio shows? Would this be effective? Who uses, and has access to Twitter throughout the day, and would get such a notice in a timely fashion? Do you have any other thoughts?

P.S. We might also send out notifications of polls so that you can vote to support Dr. Paul.

P.P.S. Please vote this thread up if you think this idea is worth exploring; I don't want to put work into making a service if it isn't going to get much interest.

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Coordinate calling radio shows

We do this already... anything that'll help us do that better is MOST appreciated.

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How are we doing it now?

How are we doing it now? Forum posts?

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