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Why Doesn't Ron Paul's Website Have This?!?!


It looks pretty barren right now. With a campaign that does great things with the internet, we need Ron Paul to be on the cusp of getting people involved through his website.


Here's how you sign up to volunteer with Pawlenty.

Even better, you can earn badges and points for things like signing up for newsletters, volunteering for the campaign, and making campaign donations! Where is Ron Paul's token economy!

Ron Paul's online presence needs to start with his website, and we all would love to earn tiny avatar recognitions for the things we do to support the good doctor.

I've always been a fan of R&D (ripoff and duplicate) and so how do we encourage the official campaign to make us feel special and giving us the opportunity to help them however we can and recognizing us for doing so?

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Is the official campaign...

Are they ever going to update the official campaign site?

Let's fill in the calendar, put up an issues section, and start getting more words from the man himself on the front page instead of just links to videos!

Is it seriously so difficult?

WE know who Ron Paul is...

but what about all the people going to his OFFICIAL campaign website for the first time, trying to learn more about him? His "Who Is Ron Paul?" page is very basic, and doesn't tell the newbie nearly enough about his stand on the issues. The link at the bottom of the page goes nowhere. And his event calendar is empty after his announcement date??? Why not list every interview he's done, with links to the videos or transcripts?
If I knew nothing about Ron Paul, and had just visited his OFFICIAL website, I might not return. And when I "Google Ron Paul", the website is near the bottom of the third page of hits!!!
Ron Paul seems to be moving full speed ahead, but his campaign site seems to be in neutral. I'm not really criticizing, since I couldn't do better, but I am surprised.
And where are the slimjims?

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.


Where are the official campaign materials for us to start canvassing with?

Plain does not get it done.

I agree with the consensus here, Ron Paul's site needs some excitement, professionalism and answers to "who is Ron Paul".

When I go to the site I get about as excited as the first NH campaign commercial! What a train wreck that was :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30yxHqSUva8 click it to have old nightmares!

I'm the creator of the Ron Paul App

and I am working on an update to the app that will give people points for helping with the campaign. It still needs quite a bit of work before I can release it though.


Got the app on my iphone. Keep up the good work!

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

This is the point I think.

Grass roots doing the seemingly impossible. Not the guy, the people themselves. :)

DP and C4L are prime examples as is this bit of genius.

I Agree

There isn't much to keep you coming back, is there?

1. They need to roll the old news for past events into an archive and post more new information.

2. They need easy access to position statements on the important issues, and also the issues that the media are trying to use against him. There needs to be a clear, reasoned explanation of his positions to counter the misrepresentations.

I agree Baug. I have built

I agree Baug.

I have built more websites than the creator of HTML. And the RonPaul2012 site is rather lame.

There's not even an "ON THE ISSUES" section.. sigh.

Maybe he's trying to prepare for his LIMITED governing style? ha.

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Then offer your services to the campaign

Call them at 979 285 9533 and quit your bitchin'!

Before he formally declared

The site started as a quick and dirty WordPress site. I looked at the donation page, and it still said "WordPress" in one corner.

It has now been all of 3 days since Ron declared formally. That includes a full weekend.

I may be wrong, but I'll bet he has people working on the site now, and we will see more and better pretty soon.

There is no excuse for starting a serious run for pres.

on a stock Wordpress template.

It makes them look like amateurs.

I would expect something like this out of Obama, not Ron Paul.

A site doesn't have to be expensive to look professional, but it does have to be something more substantive than what any high school freshman could hack out in 20 minutes.

There needs to be an "issues"

tab at the top too. It needs to be easy to see his positions. Didn't he have that on the 2008 site? It would be easy enough to do from the old slim jims.


issues ... tab .... issues is what Ron talks about .... it is his message - the philosophy

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why, look, a horn!


I know, I know, it needs to be on RonPaul2012.com. Hopefully they're planning something big. Or expecting one of us to do this instead.

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Its the new big thing on the internet.

He's the man.

That's what I'm saying

This thread is half tongue in cheek, but consider Ron Paul's most captive demographic.

If following Ron Paul is a game, and they earn points for it, and Ron Paul's cause is furthered by people because they make it a competition, who loses?

I'm just saying, maybe my signing up for a newsletter is worth 5 RP points. Maybe my volunteering for a canvassing event is worth another 10 RP points.

Will I do these things anyways? DEFINITELY!

Will someone who's just curious about Ron Paul consider volunteering once they learn about opportunities like that through the point system and ultimately become a more dedicated volunteer? MAYBE!

If we can even get a few hundred folks hooked on something like that, that'd be a few hundred more devoted campaigners who may not have even considered volunteering in that way before!

I think Pawlenty's on to something and probably isn't utilizing it yet as he should. Ron Paul's guys should take note and show him up at this game. Tim Pawlenty cannot out-internet Ron Paul!

That look on his site is actually the CW of how to brand.

I don't like it either, but it does actually work for the larger population.


Again it makes me ask.

Why does being a member of Tim Pawlenty's site (the most boring candidate) look like it's a million times more fun than being a member of Ron Paul's site?

The outfit that did T-Paw's site is the one that did RP2008

I knew it was their work the second the site loaded before my eyes--before I even saw their name on the bottom.

That may be why ours is so lame now and Paw's is decent. Terra Eclipse did a great job with the 2008 RP site. I wonder if they were approached for the 2012 site and turned it down?

See http://www.terraeclipse.com/posts/ron-paul-presidential-webs...

very true.

I've been designing and maintaining websites/servers for 12 years and I'd donate time to see it better.

Who here has a good inside scoop w/ the campaign? Is Jesse Benton the firewall between us and Dr. Paul? If this crap continues Dr. Paul looks underfunded and not a competitor.

As he is the true internet candidate this needs to get fixed now.

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