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How the HELL did Romney pull this off in Vegas!!!


I want to know how this happened? Where did he get the organization to do this? Ron's going to be in Vegas tomorrow & his trip is going to look like The SS Minnow put-putting around unless his organizers have something better planned. This just makes me boil!!!

If Romney can just waltz into Nevada, where he's not been a blip on the radar screen for three years, and get a reception like the second-coming, I'm just bamboozled. The RP people have been SO active in the state party & this is like a knife in the gut.

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There is a great Mormon base in Nevada

that Romney tapped into last time. I think it was just the phone-athon volunteers who mainly live in Nevada. The fundraising must have been nationwide.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

He has a built in base

who are rich and organize...

The sheeples like the way Romney looks.

So they pledge money to him and will vote for him too.

Hell of a good reason huh?

It just shows the idiocy of the establishment republican party.

Now all Romney has to do is ask Palin to be his running mate and they'll be the best looking couple ever to run on one ticket.

Then I'll have to go throw up.

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"How did Romney pull this off in Vegas?"

What is next to Nevada? Answer: SLC, Utah
What is Romney? Answer: Mormon/LDS

This is a double-whammy for Romney [hey that rhymes!] meaning he is near to international headquarters of the LDS church in SLC, and he is LDS.

Geography and a very well funded religion are the answers, IMHO.

Maybe this could help explain why

Saints in Babylon: Mormons and Las Vegas, has this quote from the product description:

"“It’s a sociological odd couple. Las Vegas is eight hours and light years from Salt Lake City. But amidst the bright lights and the non-stop partying is a thriving Mormon community,’’ says Ward, an author and free-lance writer who has lived in Nevada for the past decade.

From its first organized settlement in 1855, when missionaries built a fort along the dusty Old Spanish Trail, Las Vegas and Latter-day Saints have been inextricably linked. As polygamists and farmers gave way to gaming executives and corporate attorneys, today’s Mormons shatter many of the religion’s stereotypes. There is virtually no corner of Sin City they do not inhabit."


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Want a hint ?

Who runs Vegas ?

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McCain was all but bust with no cash when he took the nomination. Not that I would like to see that happen to Dr. Paul but this is not grass roots. It was an organized fundraiser of wealthy pals as written in the article.

Be proud, don't be divisive, and set a good example. Congratulation Mitt....Look forward to the debate!

and for those of you who are still pissin and moanin.....This is for you.



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stooge could be dumber than Bush, not close to as funny as Donald Hump, but does "look" the part. 10.25 million for this guy wow that's 2 new suits a haircut and a week of free dinners!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Redirect wasteful spending to destruction.

"But he also pledged not to cut the defense budget, saying any spending viewed as wasteful would be redirected to military programs."

It's pretty sick that he will actually get votes by telling people that he is going to cut wasteful welfare programs and instead spend the money on war.

If I had a gun to my head I think I'd pick welfare over war, but that's just me.

But, In the end

He's still Mitt Romney...what an asshat.

"Signed pledges"

Ok, so one of the number they quote definitely includes "signed pledges."

Yeah, I don't think counting those is exactly fair.

Eric Hoffer

Watch your interpretation .

I may have to take it literal.

Wait until the FEC filings come out ...

I bet he raised 250,000.

And lent himself 10 million.


+10 Million!


Come on folks, let's discuss!

Helping keep this bumped so that you can get a game plan together.

This is not Nevada

Remember, they called people nationwide. The $10 million did not come from Nevada supporters!

But still, it is $10M in one day, vs. the $1M that Ron Paul raised recently in one day. I don't know if the Ron Paul campaign made any calls that day, but I know they emailed most if not all their supporters.

And he has 900,000 likes on Facebook, while Ron Paul has only 357,000, and Romney has been gaining new likes at a faster rater than Paul.

Romney is clearly the one to beat, and he's going to be very difficult, despite RomneyCare and being a Mormon.

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I know it's not Nevada who gave all that money....

but - he had a lot of people volunteering for him who are Nevadans. Ron's appearances have to be BIGGER than Romney's.


a Mormon or did you mean despite being a moron. Mitt wins on looks only in a one on one debate with our guy he would melt on stage like the wicked witch of the west.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Don’t believe this shizz

It didn’t say that the Olympians and Crawford were volunteers, they were not. AT the end of his face book meeting of 5 questions he asked for donations and said you will get airline miles for it. This is the typical corporate/fascist bullshiz story….

It will be interseting when he releases his first campaign reports. This is all the big time money folks packaging this more positively.

How come it didnt claim to break the all time record of Ron Paul's 6+million day?

Smoke screen....

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Romney is trying to tap into Wall Street and Mormon donors as well as line up support from influential contributors who fueled the campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain.


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