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Doug Wead calls Ron Paul his "Favorite" Candidate but Says T-Paw has Clear Path to White House

Tim Pawlenty Has Clear Path to White House

Then there is my favorite, Ron Paul. He is the tea party constitutional GOP candidate. But Ron Paul has done such a good job of changing the discourse in the nation that he has inspired other libertarians into the race. Former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson is in and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may soon announce. It will split the emerging GOP libertarian vote into three pieces. Again, while Pawlenty has the massive born-againers vote all to himself.


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Wolf in ... ?

This is a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' article! Enough already with the Weed hedging his bets to get into the right side of the victory, especially so early on! His conclusions were the comments of an enemy of Ron Paul! Anyone who says essentially 'Ron Paul can't win', should be answered with the comment... "You forgot to finish your sentence... didn't you really mean to say "Paul can't win if I have anything to do with it"!?

That is the real meaning of those comments made by pundits who think they have a prophet's claim to the future! Such comments should be challenged with the "Tokyo Rose reminder". The enemy always predicts defeat for you, so you don't have to fight on! Isn't that nice of Woods!

Next, enough already, with this constant CFR inspired tripe about Paul the Libertarian! This is couched to confuse and redirect the religious right away from Paul to whichever 'other' name is in the same sentence! The church folks generally have been fed the modern existential lie about the true meaning of libertarianism. It is far above in grandeur, than the party with the same name, with whom Paul has serious differences! This should be mentioned to any objecting church sheeple who are steered away from Paul by Wood's comments!

The attacks are now fair game folks. Do not be shocked at what transpires over the next few weeks and months. I am not so naive as to imagine that all the names of former Paulite media moguls and writers, pseudo supporters who strangely were not all there when McCain was the darling of the establishment, will stand their ground firmly like patriots!

For when it comes to carrying the banner of liberty, attacking the Fed, preemptive war, and all the other big criminal government frauds, there is no doubt in my mind most will become Judas's and flee the battleground for safer ventures, and more profitable pickings! Few are willing to stand on rocky ground no matter how constitutionally firm, when the grass of the mud and sand of the other candidate appears so green with promises of financial and fame rewards! Rather than the tattered clothes, broken masts from battle, scars and loss, they will fade into plush chairs of Faux news paychecks!

Our loss in this case will be the gain of liberty. The gain of freedom will spell their ultimate loss, and a good riddance to them!

The shock of liberty will at first stun them! Then will history no more remember them than it does Mr. Samuel Edvins Smitherton!

"steered away from Paul by Wood's comments"?

I'll bet you mean steered away from Paul by Wead's comments!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.