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NY Times Blog: If Ron Paul can get 20% in Iowa, "we’d be in an alternate universe where anything could happen."

Ron Paul. Mr. Paul’s eccentric but enthusiastic base of supporters seems to be fairly constant from state to state — somewhere around 10 percent of the electorate both in the polls and at the ballot booth. They’re also the sorts of voters who might not vote at all in a Republican primary unless they vote for Mr. Paul. If Mr. Paul were, hypothetically, to garner anything like 20 percent of the vote in Iowa, we’d be in an alternate universe where virtually anything could happen.


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Ah, yes!

...brought to you by the same people who announced bin Laden dead in July, 2002...but now say he died in May, 2011. Responsible journalism at its finest!! (sarcasm)
Why should anyone trust anything they say? Not to mention, the July, 2002 bin Laden article now conveniently says 'Opinion' at the top of the page--this is a new addition...it did not say that a few weeks ago... What else do they change as they go along, may I ask?

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Iowa will be huge

I think Romney and Newt will kill each other whoring over the ethanol vote.

I think Iowa recieves 3 billion a year in farm subsidies alone, never mind other welfare programs, makes you think wtf kind of Republican would want to win Iowa

NY Times really hurting for business...

Another very silly and nonsensical post by the NYT readers!

It has no meaning and no merit therefore! It is dis-information on several points, and a prediction/prognostication built totally on vacuum! It is meaningless hyperbole designed for emotional propaganda response against Paul through name calling!

If any response is allowed by the NYT's, a professional rebuke for their silliness and obvious panic attack, is in order. But, there is nothing to refute, unless you are one given to answering questions like... "when did you stop beating your wife?!"

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"Ron Paul's eccentric but enthusiastic base"

Enthusiastic yes, but eccentric, No.

I see that they placed Ron Paul all the way down the page right next to super loser Trump. When will these people learn? Never.

Tell me...

Why are these SOUR and mis-leading posts always made by the same people ???

Tell us will you.

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