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Let's form a Liberty Hacker Team

I think we can all agree that Ron Paul's staff is way behind the times when it comes to building useful tools for his grassroots supporters. Tim Pawlenty has a better 2012 site! Unacceptable. We are supposed to be the candidate with the largest grassroots and online support, but we are starting to fall too far behind.

I am the creator of the Ron Paul App for iPhone and Android, but it is just not good enough. I have been working on it by myself for the past year, but I do not have the time or resources to make the app into what it needs to be.

What I would like to do is put together of team of web developers and designers, so that we can build the tools that the supporters of Liberty want and need. I'm talking about canvassing tools, phone banking tools, easy donations, sharing across multiple social networks simultaneously, action alert systems, check-in systems, finding and connecting with other supporters of Liberty, easily sending messages to politicians to support/oppose legislation, and rewarding people with points and badges for their efforts.

If we build a proper prototype(s)for apps that encourage government transparency, we can get funding from the Sunlight Labs foundation and other resources. Maybe Ron Paul would make us official.

Who's with me?

Dan Chen

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I'm down...

I do graphics and Flash and write pretty well... I'll be e-mailing you...

I forgot to mention

Facebook apps and social fundraising tools.