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Are we getting the word out for Ron Paul's rallies?

I live in Southern California and don't wanna miss out again on seeing Dr. Paul in person. During the last campaign there was never enough notice for me to schedule a trip out to whatever location he was at for a rally. What scares me is that my wife is on facebook and she was just notified yesterday that Dr. Paul would be in Las Vegas today for a rally. That may seem like short notice, but I hadn't even heard of it until she told me about it and after checking ronpaul2012.com and the dailypaul, there isn't really any mention of it. So are we only reaching out to supporters that are on Facebook? And even then, shouldn't we be planning more in advance so as to allow more supporters to show up? I just think that if me, being such a big supporter, has to actively seek out a rally then there are probably lots more casual supporters that are never even getting the notifications for the rallies and will be missing out.

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Yeah it would be really

Yeah it would be really helpful to have a mini calendar type thing on every page... Like in the right hand column or at near the bottom. Or at least a link to the calendar on the horizontal navigation bar at the top, under the DP logo.


Know what you mean. Does anyone know of any Pacific Northwest plans for Dr. Paul? Would like to know way ahead of time. Would've planned to be in Vegas had there been a notice in my email inbox. As it was, missed it.

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there's a calendar at ronpaul2012.com...


it looks pretty sparse at the moment.

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