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The hispanic vote can boost Ron Paul in the polls

Apparently there are many unregistered hispanics, we need to convince them that what made this country great is its freedoms and not big government. Socialism type policies is what impoverished Latin America.

"Here are two numbers that ought to worry Republicans: 56% and 64%.

Those numbers are, respectively, the percentage of America's population growth in the last decade that came from Hispanics, and the percentage of Hispanics who voted for Democrats last year.

Here is the number that ought to worry Democrats: 69%.

That is the percentage of eligible Hispanic voters who didn't show up to vote in 2010's midterm elections."

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Show them the Ron Paul videos on immigration and...

minority endorsements, such as "A fellow black Ron Paul supporter wishes to be heard."

I just cringe at how they divide the people

"Black", "Hispanic", etc. But it is the game we are in and it WOULD be wonderful if someone would make a YouTube from the "Hispanic" point of view, endorsing Ron Paul.

Tal vez, en espanol?? Yo se que hay muchos amigos de Dr Paul aqui en esta sitio. Por favor, piensalo.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Hispanic voters...

... must get the message that Ron Paul will end the war on drugs and pardon non-violent drug offenders.

Plano TX

We need all good people

of every color to come to the aid of Freedom. I hope that the Hispanic community will at least listen to what Dr. Paul has to say. Maybe, we need some Hispanics to make some Dr. Paul endorsement videos. I like those videos made by ordinary people just speaking from their heart.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


Thanks for posting.

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Many of my cousins (im hispanic)

they vote democrat to end the war,but dont get what they voted. They vote democrat because they are brainwashed that democrats are a "better" party.Many of them are very aware but yet brainwashed by democrats...they would easily be ron paul supporters if they findout how truthful he is.IM workin on gettin their votes