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Gov.'Slick' Rick Perry(R-TX) Agents Testing 2012 Waters?

Texas Governor Rick Perry who is a master at co-opting popular issues has sent his feelers out for a possible 2012 bid for President. Do not be fooled(as Texas voters have)Perry is an absolute RHINO.



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When I heard Beck's Medina attack

and learned of the Murdoch/Perry connection I told myself, "He's being groomed by TPTB just like Barrack Obama."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Rick is definitely using his pokerface

on the whole deal, thats for sure. He clearly is weighing the idea of swooping in at the most opportune time to look like the savior of the Republican Party. The only problem is so is John Huntsman, Mitch Daniels, Michelle Bachman, and Sarah Palin. When everybody starts doing this it will work even better to our advantage because the plurality required for Ron Paul to win a primary will be even lower. Add to that the change from last time that most of the state primaries will not be winner-take-all but apportioned according to the percentage of votes each candidate receives. All the fake conservative and neo-con candidates are doing is diluting their candidates votes. Think about it...


All have around the same amount of support of low single digits to high teens in various polls and Bachman and Perry aren't actual in but for the sake of the exercise lets say they get in here's a hypothetical prediction...

Romney 16%
Gingrich 8%
Pawlenty 12%
Santorum 6%
Cain 14%
Bachman 10%
Perry 16%


Oh and don't forget Gary Johnson 1% hehe

So Ron could win, not a strong convincing win but still as a bare minimum and would be quite a statement. This might sound like a pipe dream but remember all the hoopla about Fred Thompson last time around that turned into quite a fizzle when he finally jumped in and only got percentages in the teens.

Lets hope the RINO neocon teocon etc. cannibalize each other to Ron's advantage.