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Short Selling the Dollar

Wondering how much risk (if any) there is in short selling the dollar. I haven't done much investing yet as I just started my career this past January. I'm starting to build up some capital though and am looking into gold ETF's, possibly short selling the dollar, and buying yuans. Would this not be hedging my bets enough?

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Don't do it...

The risk in shorting the dollar right now is very high. After being beat down relentlessly for the past two years, I believe it has bottomed and is ready to soar. It is the one thing that should do well over the next couple of years or so. Sell everything BUT the dollar, including gold and silver. A SHORT Gold ETF or a SHORT silver ETF would be a much better way to go. I have no opinion on the yuan as I don't watch it, but based only on your post (newbie investor who wants to short dollars and buy gold), it is probably a sell (no offense intended, but posts like yours are an anecdotal indicator of sorts).

Too Soon To Short U.S. Currency

Right now credit is imploding in all sectors which means less DOLLARS, which means higher demand for each one. Do what Jim Rogers does buy dollars now hold until siilver gets cheap vs. The DOLLAR then dump DOLLARS for silver and ride SILVER until it reaches ten to one with gold or overshoots. Then trade silver into gold, then wait until land or other real property bottoms out, then trade the gold for land.

Do your homework or loose your money to the big boys.

The Oracle


weren't you going to stop saying "loose" when you mean "lose"?

Just Checking To See If You Are Paying Attention!

English is not my native language, I'm working on it.

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Oooracle Key!

I get excited sometimes.

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Is deflation the only way short selling the dollar would backfire?