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Interesting.... Michelle Bachmann seems to have VERY little support


Let's keep the comments civil folks. Her followers are certainly a potential for our guy, should she drop out! Think POLITICAL STRATEGY

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People are actually starting

People are actually starting to understand the term neo-con and how they have infilitrated the grass roots teaparty.

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Bachmann is a youngish congresswoman. Congressmen have a very hard time getting seriously considered as presidential candidates.

We hear that all the time about Ron Paul. He's a congressman, and congressmen don't get elected, the pundits say.

Now compare Ron Paul's record, both in length, consistency, and high profile, and you can begin to see how we view Ron Paul as an exception to the "congressman" rule, but Bachmann is just another congresswoman.

Ironically, what prominence her profile has garnered is due in no small part to Ron Paul, who went to Minnesota to appear with her.

Now there is suspicion that she may be using Ron's mailing list, which we believe she obtained for her own congressional campaign, as a tool to raise funds against him. http://www.dailypaul.com/164561/michele-bachmann-poll-asks-a...

NEVER trust

anyone who supports Israel(and/or is supported by Israel), to do ANYTHING except treachery and violence, and EVIL in general.
It's part of their deal.

She's had a few staffers quit

She's had a few staffers quit because they say she's unbearable to work with. I think she's listening to her handlers and hanger-ons who inflate her ego and tell her she's more important than she is.

I think she's an asset to have running because she shifts the issues back to the "Tea Party" debate. And we all know that RP has the correct stance on the "TP" issues.

We need more Tea Party talk to dominate the political discussion, that's what helped Rand win. So far, we've heard little, and she will help with that.

Columbus, Ohio

Got an email...

... from her yesterday, asking me to help her decide. A poll asked something to the effect if I would support her bid, or already have a dog in the race. I told her my man is already in the race.

Plano TX

Her main base

of support comes from Israel and the warmongering neocons.
She has virtually zero support from anybody else.
Bachmann is just one of the potential stable of Israel supporters that "the lobby" might try to foist on us.

I guess I assumed that she had built up

via the media machine, a bit more support than her fund raiser would indicate. Frankly I've been surprised at how MANY of the "well known" or "top tier" candidates only get about 3 or 4 % in even the media's rigged polls. Hmmmmm, it's all just The Matrix, isn't it.

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'Frankly I've been surprised at how MANY of the "well known" or "top tier" candidates only get about 3 or 4 % in even the media's rigged polls. Hmmmmm, it's all just The Matrix, isn't it.'


None of these other people seems, IMHO, to actually have any significant grassroots support - until the media favorite is chosen and everyone wants to pick a winner.

I'd like to know if there's any true gauge of this anywhere other than looking at what I see with Ron Paul's support (bordering on omnipresent fanaticism) as compared to the generally tepid and non-evident lack thereof I see with everyone else.

Palin, for some reason I can hardly fathom other than her feminist/patriotic appeal and name recognition garnered from the veep pick, might be an exception, but I'd like to see what kind of fundraising she can pull to help tell.

Yet, the media will downplay Paul's support (and supporters - but we tend to do that to ourselves be being, perhaps...overly 'exuberant'; class, guys, class...) despite real passion and a grassroots explosion I personally can't liken to anything else in my short memory. I've heard Dean's campaign was reminiscent, but not on the same degree.

I wonder what would happen, honestly, nationwise if the media could stop playing entertainer and opinion-swayer and instead just honestly report fairly and equally? Would we see the support for Paul like I personally feel we would? To me, there is something big and honest here, but am I just seeing things through biased eyes?

She's virtually unknown...but

She's virtually unknown (remember Palin in 2008)...but this will change quickly, MSM will suffocate us with how she's the Tea Party favorite and how she opposes big Gov, big spending, etc.
She voted for Patriot Act extension, she's a fake, a deceiver, her presence in the race is simply to divert the sheeple attention in the wrong direction.

Expect for her to do some comments like "lipstick" or "hockey mom" and the public will fall in love with her. The problem is she's not stupid as Palin, she's good looking and she can talk...so I think the voters will fall for her...