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How Ron Paul Could Win the 2012 GOP Nomination

Dr. Ron Paul officially announced his candidacy Friday for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. A definite dark horse, the libertarian-leaning candidate does have his
supporters. In a time of economic uncertainty, his smaller government, low-tax and low-spend message resonates with voters. A physician by trade, Paul has served in Congress since 1997. Prior to that time, he was in practice as an OB/GYN in Texas. He also served in Congress in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

What makes Paul think he can win the nomination in 2012? He does have some distinct advantages working in his favor.

Paul's supporters are not of the casual variety . They could be described as rabid, but in a good way. Paul supporters are motivated voters. They are true believers in the principles he espouses. They are the kind of people who will not only get out and vote, but get others to vote as well. Paul's supporters will man phone banks, offer rides to the polls, and help make his voice heard. Paul just needs to broaden his base, which the Des Moines Registers describes as "an inch wide and a mile deep." They will donate money through "money bombs," knock on doors, circulate nominating petitions, and be the grass roots network that any candidate needs to succeed.



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They could be described as rabid, but in a good way.

We are rabid and he is a kook.

Such compliments...would it kill them to write using less offensive adjectives?

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