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Viva Las Vegas!! My first time meeting Dr. Paul!!

Every year, my GF and I visit Las Vegas around the middle of May. We normally take in a few shows, hang around the pool, eat good food at reduced prices and take in the whole Vegas scene [The typical Austrian School of Economincs approach]. We really like this city, even though we are not big fans of gambling. I am checking my emails, and much to my delight I find out that the good Doctor will be in town on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. We already had tickets to a show Tuesday night so we could not attend Ron's speech; however, we were first in line for the breakfast the next morning. This man is so geniune, the real deal! It was also a special treat because Carol was with Dr. Paul! We got to take our pictures with him and he signed our books, as well as listen to some really good words from him. I was just struck at how down to earth, knowledgable and intelligent he is. As a 20 year military man, I really like his idea about using a private company to go get Bin Laden [for about $500m vice the $1 Trillion it actually cost us] and when I mentioned it to him, we had a lengthy discussion about it. Dr. Paul asked my opinion on it, and geniunely seemed interested in my views. My GF is now a big time Ron Paul supporter after having met him and his wife in person. I am fired up over this election and will give my all to see Freedom and Liberty restored in our great country. Go Ron Paul!

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yeah he is cool

usually ron paul is in a hurry because the crowd gets ridiculous.hes a nice old man,reminds me of my grandfather who was around from 1907-1992 cause hes got that rough edge and kindness.

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Reminds me

of my first time meeting Dr. Paul. In Des Moines at Iowa State Fairgrounds, Elwell Family Food Center. December 12, 2007. 'Like A Good Neighbor, Ron Paul Is There!' was the feeling I got.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for sharing that great story.

It is such a thrill to meet and speak with The Good Doctor in person. I have quite a few
times and he ALWAYS takes my breath away.

He is just how you describe him and he loves to hear anyone's views.

He's a beautiful man. I'm glad that you and your girlfriend got the opportunity and from what you said - all it took for her is to meet him and listen and speak to him.

Carol is a sweetheart too. Do you have a place where we can see the pics?

Ron Paul is My President

Thanks Sunny!

We are still buzzing over here over our encounter with greatness. My GF posted the pictures on Ron Pauls page on Facebook!