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Why Fox News is treating Ron Paul better this time around

Fox News (mouthpiece for the Republican wing of our one-party system) wants an establishment Republican to win back the White House, and they know that it will be nearly impossible to achieve that if Ron Paul's supporters stay home or, worse, vote for Obama come November, 2012.

They recognize that their shabby treatment of Ron Paul in '07/'08 alienated millions of Ron Paul supporters and likely hurt McCain significantly.

They know we are even bigger now, and they don't want our
alienation to hurt them in 18 months.

They are playing nice so they don't lose us, but not so nice to help us win. It's an interesting dance.

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Better than

They are still better than George Stepanopolopolopocus

Well, I guess "better" is the

Well, I guess "better" is the right word to use. Still they are far, and I mean FAR, from being fair towards Ron