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I went to my county's GOP meeting...

What a sad sight. This was my first GOP meeting, my first official "political involvement" other than voting. I live in a traditionally republican state but a traditionally democrat county. There were no more than 20 people attending this meeting, and I was easily half the age of the youngest other person there.

I went because I read a post featured on the DailyPaul about becoming a precinct chair, and how becoming a precinct chair and getting other Ron Paul supporters to become precinct chair was a good method for getting things DONE in 2012. The good news of course is that I will become Precinct chair and I will door-to-door canvas to get more volunteers. I was also encouraged because the communications coordinator (who ran my county gop's website) talked with me and asked if I would write for the site. I told him I loved discussing economics and he asked if I could write a section about voter education that touched on Henry Hazlitt's broken window theory. The fact that someone at an otherwise neo-conservative esque GOP meeting mentioned this gave me some hope...But here is what was disheartening:

At the beginning of the meeting the entire group held a prayer. Despite the objectionable content of the prayer which I will touch on in a second, it's worthwhile to note that this shouldn't even happen. Prayer at a political organization meeting? The two have nothing to do with each other. THEN, on top of a principal disagreement with that practice, the man leading the prayer said "Lord we pray those who do not believe in the son of god Jesus as our savior to fall dead."

Seriously?! I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

On top of that, I was handed the minutes from a past meeting, where there was a joke about muslims being a part of Hamas!

We got work to do folks!

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What you describe gives us a clue as to why many people have stopped coming to your meeting. You need to bring reinforcements and see if you can call lapsed attendees and ask them why they stopped coming. You can then form your own slate of officers and soon these 20 will be in the minority.

Any organization is the same when there are no standards or principles guiding them.

Libertarian Party meetings vary with the personalities of those who are active, too, but if they advocate initiating force to cause political or social change, they don't last--we kick people out for advocating any kind of violence, let alone death threats. Just by the nature of libertarians (e.g., love of arguing, tolerance, logic), our groups don't usually get taken over for long.

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No offense but....

attending LP meetings doesn't advance RP into the White House

100% agree why are we even

100% agree why are we even talking about the LP? They nominated Bob Barr last election that speaks miles.

yeah but in 2012 it will be

yeah but in 2012 it will be Gary Johnson. oops did I let the cat out? oh well something for Republican voters to think about before they go and cast their vote for a 2012 ticket that's yet just another version of Nixon/Bush administrations ;)

Well said & I totally agree!

Well said & I totally agree!

his point was....

"Any organization is the same when there are no standards or principles guiding them."

and he's right.

I went to my county GOP

I went to my county GOP meeting tonight. They are going to vote me on the committee next month. It's a rough crowd. They want young energetic members, but didn't have a high opinion of Ron Paul and his young energetic supporters.

You dont need to convince THEM about RP

You just need to be able to vote and get voted into a county or state delegate position so you can vote on national delegates.


Even if you have to hold your nose at some of the things they say or do for now. Once you get in a good position, then you can start bringing them over to the Ron Paul camp.

I don't think I can be a

I don't think I can be a closet RP supporter. I felt like I needed a shower just after being at one meeting and not defending Paul when they made some disparaging comments.

My advice to you

is to keep your cards close. No one needs to know who you are supporting. Discuss the issues. The constitution, TSA intrusions, debt-ridden wars, or any other hot topic that will strike a chord in your locality. The key for you is figuring out what element of liberty hits it home for everyone. Rand found out that it was the debt; so he campaigned on the debt.

For now, I would keep quiet and lay low. This is a four year project. Your biggest task is recruiting other RP supporters into the committee. Find them! And encourage them to participate. One day when you have the majority things will take their course. That's the plan for you.

Use your position only to influence your precinct. Since other committeemen are not warm to RP's ideas, you'll need to find more RP-type committeemen.

Kudos for closing in on the committeeman spot! Keep up the good work. You're a huge inspiration for all others here on the DP.

Are you there to make yourself feel better?

Or put RP into office?

For me it's the latter.

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My first two - surprised too

I've now been to two republican events, both to see Dr. Paul, and was surprised by the prayer too. I know it is legal, etc., but I thought it seemed out of place and exclusionary, especially given that political parties should be recruiting mechanisms and inviting. (disclosure: I'm atheist and thought all Libertarians were prior to the rEVOLution and coming here)

And, I guess this isn't surprising, but the last event I went to had some anarchists in attendance and a lot of Libertarians, so I was also surprised to hear the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. I don't care for either, my allegiance certainly isn't to a flag and it seems like government worship or statism-celebrated to me. But I guess this shouldn't be a surprise -- these were Republican events, not Rothbard-appreciation club meetings.

At the Essex event, the host did mutter a caveat that we weren't using them as de facto jingoism, which I guess was middle ground enough.

Congrats on getting the precinct job! Great work!

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The only way to escape your pecincts pyramid scheme is

right between your eyes

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

"The good news of course is

"The good news of course is that I will become Precinct chair and I will door-to-door canvas to get more volunteers."

Hooray! That is what matters. What state are you in? Seek out advice on what to do next. Probably become a delegate. Do not confront the other members over their bigotry. Nothing good would come of that.

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"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Ignorance is the greatest enemy...

It why people feel they have no other choice than force and theft...

+ 1

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Your Local Republican Party

Those who want you to forget the Republicans have no interest in winning an election. They are either idealists tilting at windmills or agitprop agents seeking to neutralize us.

The Party does belong to the people. The problem is that the people don't assert their ownership. Most voters are like small stockholders who never organize and go to their company's annual meeting. Then they complain when the officers and directors siphon off most of the company's profits.

Get involved. Become a member of your local executive committee or whatever it is called in your state. Go to conventions. Write for the Party newsletter using subjects that you agree with them on.

Treat them with respect. If you want respect, you have to give it. Take them seriously, engaging them without getting hot under the collar. Give it time.

Bring your friends. Many local parties have many openings at the precinct level.

For instance, if there are 100 precincts in your county, and 20 of them have chairs or committeemen who are active and attend meetings, and you and you form a local republican liberty club that recruits another 15 members, pretty soon you will have the votes to control voting. Use your power wisely, not stepping too far too fast, but bring in liberty oriented speakers, appoint liberty oriented editors to the local newsletter, find sources of funding to replace the rino deep pockets they are used to count on for funding the Party, and pretty soon you will have them following you. Just act like the grownups you are.


Do you know any others who will work with you?

You need to study lemmings. The neoconservatives have learned to herd lemmings. You need to develop that skill, but you need to be part of a team.

The Republican Freedom Coalition (formerly RLC) meets regularly in Austin. Do you know Don Zimmerman and the good folks up there?

Connect with the Austin Ron Paul Republicans Meetup here:

Looks like some of them are looking at going to Iowa to help Ron.

They have a regular monthly lunch get-together as well. Check them out.

Down here in Hidalgo County we are definitely the minority party. The Party Secretary is a very good man, and one of us. He sends out regular information to the Party email list about upcoming bills and news affecting our liberty.

You may find that not all those you call lemmings are actually lemmings. They are just caught up in the anti-Obama excitement and have no better leadership to show the way.

This is meant to encourage you. If you want to be in touch, you should join the Austin meetup on meetup.com .

I'll be watching for new members and maybe we can compare notes later.


You know that Austin had the largest RP meetup, right?

Thanks for the tips, but I'm pretty plugged in.

I was just showing the herd mentality of the Travis County GOP.

I know what it is like to be the "minority party" at least here in Travis county. I helped run 2 campaigns, and helped set an all time record for an (R) in a heavily (D) precinct.

Maybe we'll see you. I'll be in the corner wearing my DP issue RP 2012 shirt, with a rose in my teeth.....8)


I was there and made a video of RP at the 07 rally in the State Library.

Just today when checking the Austin meetup I noticed they have something like 254 members. There must be a couple of dozen among them who would work with you for liberty. Maybe you will be one to inspire THEM!

Rose, eh?

"Rose, eh?"

And a sombrero...


Maybe. I have certain issues that I will not make public here, that prevent me from doing certain things.

I am working in a limited capacity right now, but you never know what I might be capable of. I've been known to inspire before.

Don't think that I am giving up. I just happen to know the mentality of most of my local GOP. I'm well aware of the battle ahead..

The parties

are supposed to belong to the people. We have freedom of religion (there is no freedom from religion). If the people of that county are Christian, they shall pray.

As to the content of the prayer, I can only say "Amen."

You need to be more tolerant or drop dead.

Forget the republicans

If you haven't figured it out yet, the republicans are as bad as the democrats in this two party tyranny. People should stop supporting the insanity and break free.

END the FED before it ENDS US

In other words, ingore Ron Paul's advice?

That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Your experience

isn't too different from what mine have been. Most republicans who attend these meetings are old. Prayers are common at county meetings, especially if they're breakfast meetings, although I've never encountered prayer content that objectionable!
I think it's great you've decided to get involved and I hope you'll stick with it. Don't underestimate the difference your simple presence can make.

society is molded by the fringe

The utilitarian nature of our monetary policy has destroyed the definition of conservatism… thank God the whole is coming.. our elders may no longer deceive us after it sets in.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Hopefully the rapture takes

Hopefully the rapture takes all these people on Saturday, and then we can take over the GOP.

Yer hoping too much. Kirk Cameron's being left behind

Yer hoping too much. Those are the ones who get left behind, along with Kirk Cameron.

Being Catholic, I don't really know where this rapture biz came from. I've seen Jack van Impe on TV jumping up and down about it for decades now.

But in the Bible, it says being raised into sky means irresistable judgment is nigh, not happy times with the angels.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"