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Starbucks refuses to hire a woman who has "dwarfism" because...

because she requires a step ladder to be placed infront of the barista espresso machines and counters. I wouldn't hire her either .As a former starbucks employee I know first hand how quick paced the job is,and how easy it is to trip/slip and injure yourself ...and if this woman has a ladder infront of everything and in everyone elses way she is creating a hazard and is incapable of handling the high speed traffic of customers.Once again Ron Paul is right about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and how it has allowed for government to dictate private property owners, and it allows for these stupid lawsuits which then destroy jobs.


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They can't hire someone higher?

The US Government is mentally handicapped, and no one can fire it, either.

Ask the Blind Surgeon

Cut me up!

The thing is they already

The thing is they already hired her and then fired her after the request- whoever was in charge of management here that was pretty stupid of them.

#1 what did they expect when they hired her?
and #2 they should've known that the bad publicity and lawsuit is a much worse alternative. I don't agree with the lawsuit, though, I believe if enough people find starbucks decision to be in poor taste they'd decide with their money.

If they didn't hire the lady

If they didn't hire the lady because of her height, it might be considered discrimination.

That's also true, granted the

That's also true, granted the problem here is definitely the hiring laws themselves. But on the other side of the coin, the people in charge of hiring at that Starbucks should know better what to do in these circumstances when they're in a bad position.