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I should really be doing my homework.

...but this site is ADDICTING. Maybe too addicting.

I'm still in Germany until August studying abroad and have managed to spread my Ron Paul wealth amongst some Europeans who regularly self educate themselves on American politics.. as they should.. After all if Americans elect the wrong president we may blow their country up.

One of my friends is a strong Obama advocate who said he would vote for Paul if he ran in 2016. Naturally I questioned his ideology. His support for Obama resided in this philosophical "change" propaganda that was popular during his 2008 campaign. "What change have we seen? A continuation of Bush Foreign Policy. More debt. More unemployment. More troops abroad. Obama is clearly an individual who despises the role of President," was my reply in a nutshell. They all say "Ron Paul just can't win." 'Why?' I frequently ask myself.

Believe it or not I've made believers out of everyone here. They may not agree with everything he says because they're used to paying 40% of their income to taxes and don't understand our concept of personal liberty intrusion, but they are sympathetic to Paul's resiliency and political uniformity. I understand we all have much concern over Republican primaries alone, but can anyone answer to me why Obama is so "unbeatable?" I mean the guy is a terrible president. I'm tired of the idea that Ron Paul isn't electable. As long as Ron Paul supporters are embedded with this thought, Paul won't be elected. I think our chances are outstanding. People are waking up everywhere to the issues haunting us and the demagoguery -- the Obama propaganda speeches and "Warren Harding Error", as you Malcolm Gladwell "Blink" readers will appreciate.

I'm not sure that this post has a legitimate point, but if I had to give it one, it would be staying optimistic. I've convinced a lot of people that Neo-Conservatism isn't the true Republican way. Come on, guys. We can do this. Is it a matter of money? We can raise money, we've show that. Does Doc need to be more placid with his delivery on controversial topics? Maybe. Either way I'm going out with my boots on. Will you?

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you are right

Unfortunately the msm can take any simpleton and make a star out of him or her. Here lays a lot of the the problem imo.