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The Kudlow Report is no friend

I thought Larry Kudlow was a friend of the movement with how many interviews he has with Ron. I just watched his show where he did a 10 minute segment on the Republican candidate and he went on and on how there is no one running in the Republican party that wants to take a Reagan-esque approach of cutting taxes, lowering spending, etc.

I was blown away at how he refused to talk about, or even mention Ron during the segment when he knows all of Dr. Paul's positions. Time to write Kudlow off.

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The media is not our friend.

Sometimes, one or more of them has a lapse and speaks the truth. However, the long term plan is to gain our trust so they can screw us again. Remember Debra Medina?


He is very much in favor of corporate subsidies imo.


Instead of writing him off,

Instead of writing him off, how about we write to him and remind him Ron Paul is running. He might not think Ron Paul is a serious candidate yet. We should remind him Ron is moving up in polls and has the best chance of beating Obama. He's already proven to have tremendous grassroots support and the views of the Republican Party are moving towards him.

Whatever other reasons you have, tell him.


Kudlow is a snake

He makes me sick. He was such an ass to Ron in the last election but then right after it was over he acted like he and Ron were friends that just disagreed on a couple things. Remember he's the one that was calling Ron Paul a "porker" talking about the earmarks thing cuz he's just as big a fool as the rest of them. I like Dylan Ratigan and the Judge and that's bout it for me, the rest only like him when they need ratings and he's not running for office.

The talking heads are all actors.

They have producers, writers and stations executives that write, produce and demand the way the "news" will be presented. I don't hold talking heads as responsible for little more than their sellout/copeout of the truth for a paycheck and a bit of an ego trip. Station owners are the ones shaking hands with the TPTB and the CIA.

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