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Chris Christie's no threat. Another one bites the dust?

Christie’s Disapproval Rating Climbs Among New Jersey Residents
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 08:30 PM

Governor Chris Christie gained detractors among New Jersey residents who previously were undecided about the first-term Republican, a poll showed.

Christie scored a 49 percent disapproval rate in a Monmouth University poll released today. The finding was 9 percentage points higher than the figure in the most recent Monmouth poll, in February. The governor’s approval rating was unchanged, at 47 percent.

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I haven't really heard much

I haven't really heard much from/about Christie lately. He seems to do best when he is railing against waste and unfair burdens on the taxpayers.

Lately there has been quite a campaign going on against him. Maybe even two. One for sure is something about Christie & millionaires. I think he may have not increased taxes on millionaires so now all the Dems are saying that he loves millionaires. Thing is, our neighbors to the North, New York, raised taxes on the rich in order to increase State revenues and it actually backfired with the State getting less money -- because of so many rich people leaving the state.

Another negative campaign which I think might be against Christie is whatever is going on with the collective bargaining stuff for state workers. I see their commercial on YouTube several times per day. It seems that the police, firefighters, teachers and all the other state workers do not want to be judged on their own personal merit. Instead they want to bargain collectively. Well, this State has been virtually bankrupt for a long time anyhow so why not bankrupt it some more.

Oh, and Christie vetoed the legislature on legalizing online poker. NJ could have been the first in the nation which would have given this state significant advantage, but Christie blew it for us. So much for freedom. I guess I'm even a bit disappointed in him now. Instead of NJ being first he handed it on a "silver" platter to Washington DC of all places.