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Register Republican to Vote for Ron Paul in Republican Primary


This needs to be spread so one can vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries:

Alabama - http://bit.ly/jutCd9
Alaska - http://bit.ly/iRi1Dz
Arizona - http://bit.ly/liS1rd
Arkansas - http://bit.ly/mtXa0k
California - http://1.usa.gov/jytEM4
Colorado - http://bit.ly/jmIiql
Connecticut - http://1.usa.gov/jsCIDa
Delaware - http://bit.ly/mzNz2J
DoC - http://bit.ly/mAlucA
Florida - http://bit.ly/jSttph
Georgia - http://bit.ly/jI374H
Hawaii - http://1.usa.gov/iwPooU
Idaho - http://bit.ly/j9ClhC
Illinois - http://bit.ly/lqbnDh
Indiana - http://bit.ly/jvpvmZ
Iowa - http://bit.ly/iY8z0F
Kansas - http://bit.ly/lMQuGK
Kentucky - http://bit.ly/kuf7xF
Louisiana - http://bit.ly/m7K4jm
Maine - http://1.usa.gov/lww9v4
Maryland - http://bit.ly/k9k7WB
Massachusetts - http://bit.ly/mb47kS
Michigan - http://1.usa.gov/komUk7
Minnesota - http://bit.ly/ivFi3m
Mississippi - http://1.usa.gov/kU98aI
Missouri - http://1.usa.gov/iZrZzZ
Montana - http://bit.ly/jtdc4q
Nebraska - http://1.usa.gov/l5X6OH
Nevada - http://bit.ly/l9EnAW
New Hampshire - http://1.usa.gov/kmhu1c
New Jersey - http://bit.ly/iOyk5c
New Mexico - http://bit.ly/jWaH0l
New York - http://bit.ly/jlN8th
North Carolina - http://bit.ly/mrLWE5
North Dakota - No voter registration required
Northern Mariana - http://bit.ly/jfbZ5P
Ohio - http://bit.ly/mz4R6C
Oklahoma - http://1.usa.gov/myRdzs
Oregon - http://bit.ly/kG8jil
Pennsylvania - http://bit.ly/mqHvKQ
Puerto Rico - http://bit.ly/madnek
Rhode Island - http://bit.ly/iixR13
South Carolina - http://bit.ly/mrt53g
South Dakota - http://1.usa.gov/kctZMj
Tennessee - http://1.usa.gov/mnDU3i
Texas - http://bit.ly/m0jfGn
Utah - http://1.usa.gov/lgGYt7
Vermont - http://bit.ly/lWRNBG
Virginia - http://1.usa.gov/k0uWaY
Virgin Islands - http://bit.ly/jBgQRg
Washington - http://bit.ly/lvPqp7
West Virginia - http://bit.ly/lxghTC
Wisconsin - http://bit.ly/j5PDmf
Wyoming - http://bit.ly/m9Cg2Z

Free online registration for all states but New Hampshire and Wyoming.

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I wish there was a Canada

I wish there was a Canada option :(

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises


is an open primary state. My little brother did not need to change his affiliation with the libertarian party to vote for Ron Paul in 2008. I'm in a closed caucus state, however, so I'm registered republican, and to tell the truth, I think I have more potential to make a difference working from within a major party, so I would recommend registering republican (or democrat, if you must), even if you don't have to, to vote for Ron Paul.

Missouri is open primary

so the good thing with open primaries is our Democrat friends and third party friends can vote for Ron Paul since he is running as a Republican .... find out all the states that are open and lets get all the Dems etc... to cast a vote for RP in the primaries ... which are not that far off... like 9 months or so ....


I was looking all over for that information. I couldn't find how to register Republican for Missouri!


For the Revolution,


Some of these states you

Some of these states you don't need to register for the party. They let you "switch" at the polling location. I live in Illinois and we do not have to register with a party. Anybody can vote on any party ticket.

Alright I'm in the only state

Alright I'm in the only state that doesn't require us to register!

I made a post about this in the forums but want to relay the message again. The following video suggests:

1. Currently registered Republicans should unregister for the time being.

2. We all register on the same day (Nov. 16th is suggested) which will create a much more powerful statement. Once primary voting is over we all unregister, this would be a great statement against the two party system and would have to garner media attention.


On top of this I think us Paul supporters have a very powerful advantage in that we are passionate and know what is going on. Your average sheep voter isn't likely to vote in the primaries, while we WILL AND MUST. That is the absolute number one issue for supporters and plays into our hands nicely.

Amen for ND!

Amen for ND!

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

CA is now Open Primary (Prop 14)...so no need to register as a

Republican (better if you do). :)

We actually just had our 1st test of Prop 14 "Jungle Primary" last Tues 5/17. In district 36 here in Los Angeles, the special election to replace the leaving Rep. Jane Harman (D), had as many as 16 candidates of various party affiliations, all in one ballot vying for her spot. And anyone can vote, regardless of party.

Feels awesome, really...WIDE OPEN!

Only for Congressional and state primaries

My understanding is "Voters can vote in the primary election for any candidate for a congressional or state elective office without regard to the political party affiliations" This does not include presidential elections. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I just printed out a ton of voter reg. forms and bought stamps....

This Must Go Viral !!

Please, just to make sure Ron Paul gets your vote register republican ASAP!!

Whoa! on the primaries

In some states the battle will be fought in the precinct caucuses. Not every state has a presidential primary.

For example, Washington just lost its presidential primary by the stroke of a pen; it is now (at least for 2012) a caucus-only state.

You needn't register as a republican to go to a republican precinct caucus.....you just have to say you consider yourself a republican......self identification.

Phil. 4:13

Is there one for Illinois?

I have 2 friends I think I can convince to do this...

yep, illinois


thank you.

All of this information needs to be easily accessible at

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

nothing more important

Can this get stickied until the end of the primaries?

Thanks for doing this

As much as I'd like to change

As much as I'd like to change my registration, I'm allergic to communism.

which is what we get if anyone else gets into office


Which is why we should just

Which is why we should just abolish the office!

WTF do we need a president for anyway? Sounds like genetic baggage from when we were apes. Silverback, pfffffftttt!!!!!!!


Thanks for all your work in setting up this list! I'd nominate this as front page material!

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

ytc's picture

Perpetual Top Front page material . . .

This is THE most important action item now. Then joining RP meetup groups to become active within the local Rep party.