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New Ron Paul 2012 Sites

I've seen them, popping up, here and there. We need a central vantage point, so we can see what is popping up. That is what this thread is for.

If you have a new Ron Paul 2012 site, or have run across one you like, post it in the comments section below to help spread the word.

See the full list at: Ron Paul Directory

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I agree. RonPaulAnswers.com

That's a great site! Thank you for reminding me.

3 sites:




Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

will ronpaulradio ever

will ronpaulradio ever return? i had fun with those guys


Ron Paul Voter Bomb


Here is the daily paul link i posted for it.


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3 Sites:




Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

brushfiresofliberty.com -

www.brushfiresofliberty.com - Some feedback on this site would be awesome!
Blog, videos, forums. We could use some help with articles and other things if anybody is interested.

RP12.us - URL shortener


If you want to skip the captcha image when submitting URLs, send me a message through DP with your e-mail address. I'll set you up with a username/password to avoid it

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Ron Paul Website and Podcast

I am returning to my 2007 practice of podcasting throughout the year. My blog is: www.ronpaultwentytwelve.wordpress.com
Links to the podcast are available at the site.
Come and visit.





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Definitely check out http://www.ronpaul2012tv.com. Updated with the latest headlines, interviews, and Ron Paul news. Plus live shows with some pretty cool hosts.

Its Out There Already

Whatever happened to "RonPaulPlanet.com"
That was in the works even before he dropped out in '08.


Lets get that up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the domain contact email:


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Definitely check out http://www.ronpaul2012tv.com. Updated with the latest headlines, interviews, and Ron Paul news. Plus live shows with some pretty cool hosts.

Ron Paul Club

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joey33 set up this one:



Sounds like a great idea.

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Ron Paul Flix also has an

Ron Paul Flix also has an Endorsement section, and you can order free cards to promote your own or anyone else's endorsement on the site too. http://ronpaulflix.com/category/grassroots-endorsements/

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Didn't you set one up, too?

It is a really great idea too.


He's the man.

Thanks Michael

We'll see how many people use the site to endorse Ron Paul. Maybe this will go with the idea from the post a few days ago about getting celebrities to endorse Ron Paul.

I've already asked Joe Rogan to do an endorsement video.

Once we get more people to post their endorsements (at least a few for each category) then maybe it would be a good idea to put a link to the site on your homepage.

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I've seen several endorsements on Youtube already

There's already people posting video endorsements on youtube. If you weren't planning on it, I'd suggest regularly doing searches on youtube for those endorsements and posting those on your site. Lots and lots of video endorsements from ordinary people could be powerful.

Thanks for Endorsing...

Thanks for endorsing www.iEndorseRonPaul.com. :)

I am glad you like the idea. I will continue to work on it to improve it.

This really made my night. I am so thankful to be a part of this with all of you.

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I'm working on one

Given all the controversial opinions (that shouldn't be controversial, but that's America today), I allocated RonPaulEducation.com. It's my intent to make it a "controlled wiki" -- i.e. limited number of editors -- to help educate people on the full background of Ron Paul's policies.

Ideas, other editors, etc. are welcome. I'm thinking of starting with rebuttals of the Mother Jones's article to start.