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Video: Mike Huckabee talks Ron Paul on Leno

Thanks to pailofwater for the tip.

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Exactly! Why is that a bad

Exactly! Why is that a bad thing for women to appreciate us, even if only for an hour at a time, for being able to produce useful things and earn money?

The only thing I can say to your comment is...

I really hope that most men are able to have an intimate "REAL" loving relationship with a woman to know the difference, and I know most of you men do know the difference. But anyway, I agree with Ron Paul, if a state wants to legalize it, more power to them. Those issues need to be at the State level.

Providing for and protecting

Providing for and protecting a woman is how a man loves her. What, you think love is totally enshrined in writing poetry and feeling little cramps in your belly?

Love is a verb, it requires action; you can't feed a woman poems and roses.

My Email to Mike

Hi Mike,
You mentioned last night on the tonight show that Ron Paul's audience is a combination of gun show and grateful dead fans. I don't own a gun and I'm not a grateful dead fan. What I am is an American who understands the true value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (as your website tagline says). What I am is a citizen who is tired of having wealth stolen from me to fund wars, corporate thugs, and programs to which I don't belong!

It is these ideas that support Ron Paul's campaign and fuel our desire for change, not those of prostitution and drug use. We have such a great opportunity to make a big impact for our country and it's a complete waste time to publicly belittle us with petty assumptions.

In the future, I ask you to please show more respect for Ron Paul and his supporters. We're just as important as those supporting other campaigns and at the end of the day we're all Americans longing to better our lives.

Thank you,

Silverfly....that is one of the best posts I have read....

Thank you. I guess I will have to write Mike now. I hope I can relay to him my thoughts as well as you did. I will try not to add: FU Mike, I promise.

Legalizing drugs and

Legalizing drugs and prostitution is too far to the right for a socialist like Huckabee.

We should be aware

Clearly the new tactic adopted by the controlled media, in order to alienate Paul from Republican voters and ruin his chances, is to label him an outright libertarian. You notice he is no longer a "libertarian-leaning Republican" as he was in the last election cycle? A new strategy has emerged, and it's to drill into voters' minds that Ron is not at all a Republican, but a libertarian, and therefore irrelevant in a Republican race.

If this isn't dealt with directly, I think it could effectively hamstring his campaign right out of the gate, or, at any rate, be used as the excuse when they eventually fix the votes.

Ron does indeed need to get Rand's team, or certain members of Rand's team, working for him. Though there were gaffes, Rand ran an overall smart campaign, didn't take any shit, and used the labels, that everyone is trained to think in terms of, to his advantage. Ron is going to get flattened if he doesn't learn to beat the establishment at their own games, as Rand did.

You're right, and the fact

You're right, and the fact that its such a CONCERTED effort should give people pause.

Ventura 2012

I know quite a few Republican voters here in California..

that voted for McCain last time and will not be making the same mistake. Some of these people were sold on what the media said about Ron Paul, the good old line from foxnews, and CNN, "He can't win", or he is "unelectable", or "Ron Paul is the Fringe candidate, or "Ron Paul is the Libertarian candidate". These people have told me, Ron Paul was their first choice, and they made a big mistake. I am sure there are a countless number of Republicans, and Independents out there that feel the same way as those I have talked to in California.

Did Huck Just Cross Chuck Norris? Why it Matters

First, remember that Chuck Norris really likes and trusts Ron Paul, even as far back as the last campaign when Norris was supporting Huckabee:


Again at 4:53:

I think Norris will take Huckabee's attack on Ron Paul personally, especially because he put his own celebrity on the line last time to build support for this fraud. I suspect he like many got taken in by the 'aw shucks' down home charm and didn't realize what a snake Huckabee is.

I think he'll endorse Ron Paul this time.

Why does this matter?

Because Chuck Norris is the Number 1 sought celebrity endorsement for Republicans.


Without Norris, Huckabee would not have been as big a deal last time. If Norris endorses Ron Paul, it will kill two birds with one stone: strengthening Paul and diminishing Huckabee's influence drastically, given his attack on Paul.

Thank you Mike Huckabee.

Let's hope Chuck

Let's hope Chuck Norris breaks his foot off in Huckabee's ...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

There was a major point missing here...

Huckabee claimed that Ron Paul wants to legalize all these thngs like drugs and prostitution.

But what Dr. Paul is saying is that he wants the STATES to decide what they want to legalize and get the federal government OUT of these decisions.

Because it takes HUGE FEDERAL AGANCIES to enforce these stupid laws which is breaking the US financially.

Government based on liberty is best done at more local levels.

The Federal level was meant only to protect the liberties of the states to govern themselves with a defensive military and a judicial system to uphold laws that protect liberties.

WHY is the concept so hard to understand for establishment republicans like Huckabee???

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

tasmlab's picture

I don't think the Fed level has a prostitution ban

I don't think the Fed level has a prostitution ban, as I'm pretty sure prostitution is legal in Nevada.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Boy is it ever legal! And

Boy is it ever legal! And even better still there's Boys Town in Nuevo Laredo where you can get actual Latinas! Once in a while when I'm down in Laredo, I go across and party every chance I get down there.. hell, I've been shopping for a house near Boys Town.

They got real nice big ones right near the compound for less than 50 grand cash, you'd pay half a million or more for that in the states. That, and silver denominated bank accounts, being surrounded by millions of young smoking hot latinas (the ULTIMATE trophy wife) that will freaking worship you, plus many of them are very strict about saving themselves for marriage, everything being dirt cheap, really good food, tap water that's better quality than anything in America, year round warm weather, it's a single man's paradise!

Tell you another little secret, when you hit on a teenage Mexican girl, she'll actually appreciate it and give you her phone number, unlike the stinky cheese face you get here in the states.

I just gotta make sure my company will allow me to drive stateside with a Mexican CDL. If not, screw em, I'll sell the truck and retire!

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Handy for someone

Thanks for the information, I'm sure somebody will find it handy, and/but I don't think Daily Paul should necessarily be a "review/opinion utility" for people seeking drugs or prostitution. There are probably other sites directed towards those endeavors.

And most members here try to be cautious with keeping the discussion at an intellectual/legal/civil liberties tenor.

I'd prefer prostitution to be legal and would advocate for it, but I personally hope that my children, wife, and I won't be (or need to be) consumers nor purveyors of it.


Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

YES, I just talked with my family about this very thing

this morning . Most of my family came from Conservative roots and they listen to rehteric, instead of from the horses mouth. Ron 's message is always intercepted and translated by others. It is always distorted.

Tolerence is a family trait and we all give the shirt off of our backs for others and to keep Peace. If you cannot get along with us , you cannot get along.

We are what built America and I have met many in the Ron Paul camp that are just like us. I do not presume that everyone needs to be like us. TRUE Patriots tolerate eachother. The true MELTING POT that makes America into the envy of the World.

I don't even want the states

I don't even want the states to decide. There's really no reason for all these levels of government. Laws and government are very simple: do not initiate force or fraud. If you do, we take you in front of a jury.

You don't need trillions of dollars and millions of bureaucrats to figure that out.. *sigh* I guess I'm just way ahead of my time.

I see it as a compliment

as I am a former Norwich University Cadet and I saw the Grateful Dead 130+ times. You really can't make this stuff up!

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Notice NO LAUGHS comedy show dead silence

Huckabee is cooked. Ron Paul is solid, and got publicity.

What did one expect from Suckabee?

Really? To listen to Mike, one would have to think that Ron Paul's agenda is about drugs and prostitution. But it is not. Dr Paul's agenda is about Liberty and the Constitution and his number one issue within that is the Fed. One objection that I have to Ron Paul's style is that when the mudia asks, no PROBES, they focus on these non-issues, and Ron falls for the bait by answering honestly and directly. I think it would be better if he would PREFACE his honest and direct answers, with questions like these:

1 - "Let's see, I am focused on the Federal Reserve, which is destroying our economy and our Liberty, and you wasting my time with these little issues?"

Finally focusing on that issue:

2 - "I'll give you the following choice - would you rather be able to live your life as you see fit, so long as you do not interfere in the lives of others, or if you wish to interfere in the lives of others for acts between consenting adults and without any victims, then you must accept any way in which anyone else would like to mess up your life. Which - live and let live? Or kill and be killed? Which?"

Of course the drug issue is important because it is the entry point for the gummint to leap in and destroy Due Process. If I were asked about "legalizing drugs", and really Ron Paul does not want to "legalize" (more laws), he wants to "de-criminalize" (eliminate drug prohibition), I would ask: "You get the following choice: someone, somewhere gets stoned in his mother's basement without legal interference OR you get your door busted open in the middle of the night due to a tip from a criminal whose word the police trust that may not (or may) be truthful, and you get shot up and you have zero legal recourse. So far you have chosen the latter, would you care to re-think this?"

OR. "Would you be willing to make a compromise? Consider that you could criminalize this victimless activity, but you still MUST stay within Constitutional bounds and honor due process - no warrant-less searches, no asset confiscation, no considered guilty until proven innocent, etc. Would you be willing to stay within the confines of the Constitution? Is your "Drug War" about drugs? Or is it really about destroying Due Process?"

Huckabee is not even a CFR member, but he does this. He is a sad little man.

I think I could take

I think I could take Hucklebuck more seriously if he'd just go into a foaming at the mouth rant about the existence of dinosaurs.

What's the -1 for? At least

What's the -1 for?

At least Kent Hovind actually thinks before he opens his yap, even if he is wrong!

(I wasn't there, so I can't really say with 100% certainty... damn you Heisenberg!)


Chucklebee....Never Was and Never Will Be.
RP 2012 We're Winning!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Woo Hooo!

Sounds like my kind of crowd! And yes, Huck- Like Ron Paul said, you ARE a fascist.


Nugent and Huckabee playing Cat Scratch Fever removed from web?

Financial Times has an article.
Cat Scratch Fever and the Apocalypse
By Gary Silverman

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah I liked watching all the christ like crowed and huckabee

Clapping and jaming to "made her pu@#^ pure with a stroke of my hand and talking about Beaver. Yep very Christ like. ;/ Maybe the dude should just come out and admit he isnt a Christian or maybe read the words to the song next time jeez.

Reach Huckabee here:

There it goes

an official endorsement from Huckster. Gloves off!

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans

My email to Mr. Huckabee

Mr. Hucabee,

Based on your comments on the Tonight Show it is very clear that you don't understand what Ron Paul's actual positions are. Stating that Ron Paul wants to strip the military, and legalize all drugs and prostitution are gross misrepresentations. This form of demagoguery is very inappropriate and only hurts your credibility, not Dr. Paul's.

Then to top it off you insult every person that has ever supported Ron Paul. How would you or your supporters feel if Ron Paul said on national TV that your supporters are high school dropouts who belong to a cult and work at Wal-Mart?

If Ron Paul misrepresented your views or insulted your supporters, you would demand and apology. I would like to think that you would do the same.



"it's so crazy, right jay? People need people like me to caress and protect their fragile little heads. Ron Paul is not offering enough protection so only stoned people accidentally support him" This guy is a fascist joke.