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Reflections on the 2008 California debate (Great Video)

This debate was in Jan 2008, 8 months before the "experts" started seeing the financial crisis.


I watched this debate in 2008. However, when I look at it again it strikes me how stupid these other candidates looked. I mean, hearing it again after all the changes that happened since then makes you see how great people live in the present and see the future while others just look completely blind or ignorant.

I wish that any network can broadcast this video somehow. It is a clear cut evidence that there is something wrong with our political system. When you see how Ron was talking about problems that he can diagnose and see months before others start even realizing them. I wish that somebody show this video to Mccain or Romeny who were having these stupid smiles just to show them how stupid they are. Maybe we should have this as campaign video with message that says "Don't make the same mistake again and elect people who know nothing about anything". Something like that.

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