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The 12 Things Nut Job 911 Truth DENIERS Believe!

Tin hat! Nut job! - are the attacks constantly leveled at those questioning the official story of 911, in which objective truth and reality are attacked and called into question as insanity. The current climate may be the most serious attack on reason and the Enlightenment since Copernicus, when allegiance to superstition did combat with science and observation in a battle which could get you burned at the stake. The disinformation machine behind the crime of 911 seeks to turn reality on its head.

"Look at the science" has become a favored phrase among the propagandists, as if hardened steel rolling down into itself, inappreciably damaged by kerosene (jet fuel) or plane impact had anything to do with science. Then there is Building 7, not even hit by a plane.

So at this point it would be fun to see just what kind of fantastic, nut job physics any loon who buys the Official Story believes. The nut jobs are anyone who can believe:

- That a cloud of 5 to 10-ton pieces of cut steel beam and perimeter wall were shot out laterally at 70 MPH for distances of up to 600 feet, or three tower-widths, as a result of an air column. Air does not lift ten ton pieces of steel.

- That the molten steel which burned in the basement levels for months was the result of friction and kerosene (jet fuel). If so the foundry business has been revolutionized, and a way has been found to forge steel using much cheaper fuels than coke (refined coal) and expensive mega-blast furnaces of the kind you used to find in Pittsburgh, but are now in China thanks to the New World Order selling you out.

- Nut jobs think that Hani Hanjour, who was refused further flying lessons because he could not handle the controls of a Cessna, suddenly started flying like a Navy Blue Angel and performed an extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, aerial maneuver, a 280 degree dive from 7,000 feet at 500 MPH, leveling out at 50 feet without scorching the lawn for a perfect bullseye into the Pentagon.

- Nut jobs think that cellphones (not Airfones) work at 30,000 feet. The next time you forget to turn off your cellphone on a flight and you are at cruising altitude, look at bars on your phone. Nada. These supposed "flukes" happened multiple times for extended calls. Right.

- That a thermite compound which is used in demolitions and does not occur in nature was miraculously found in the dust and debris of the WTC, with no connection to any demolition.

- That it is only a coincidence that multiple war games were taking place on the morning of 911 which involved elements which would confuse the NORAD air defenses, such as Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Guardian, Northern Vigilance, and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO.) One involves crashing a plane into the NRO, and the majority of personnel responsible for satellite surveillance of the nation's air space are sent home. The satellite imagery of the DC and northeast corridor airspace is lost. Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins will later say that initially she and everybody else at Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) think an emergency call from Boston Center is part of Vigilant Guardian. Although most of the personnel on the NEADS operations floor have no idea what the day’s exercise is supposed to entail, most previous major NORAD exercises included a hijack scenario. As for Condoleeza Rice's statement that "no one could imagine planes being used as weapons," in October of 2000 NORAD had already practiced scenarios based around suicide pilots crashing stolen aircraft into the United Nations headquarters—a skyscraper in New York.

- Denier nut jobs believe that Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), the bunker beneath the East Wing of the White House, watched Flight 77 for 40 minutes as it was coming in from Ohio, after the two towers had already been hit, and somehow innocently DID NOT give the order to shoot it down before it hit the Pentagon.

- Nut jobs think believe that jet fuel is anything but kerosene, and is some super-duper hot fuel. IT'S KEROSENE, STUPID!!! (anything much more volatile and you'd read about a lot more jetliners blowing up on the runway.)

- That almost every bit of concrete, office furniture, computers, and the other contents of the towers were pulverized to a fine 10-100 micrometer dust from it all "rubbing together" as it fell. The energy required to accomplish this pulverization has been calculated. Only extremely large amounts of explosives can account for it.

- Nut jobs think that there is nothing fishy about the almost total destruction of all evidence from all the sites of that day, from the immediate shipment of the WTC steel to China to be melted, to the aircraft debris from the Pentagon and Pennsylvania being destroyed rather than preserved for public inspection. The NTSB has elaborate legal procedures and facilities for investigating every airline disaster, from special hangers designed for debris identification and reconstruction. Every part of a commercial aircraft is stamped with a part serial number, to facilitate identification. Here is a photo of the partial aircraft reconstruction of Pan Am Flight 103, blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, with parts spread over 50 miles. Yet a partial reconstruction was made. Where is the reconstruction of the debris of Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville?

- Tin-foils believe the official story believe that the man on the left in this LINKED photo, who was presented as bin Laden in a videotape "found" by the CIA in Afghanistan, in which he confesses to 911, is the same as the man on the right, a photo of the real bin Laden. Bin Laden denied involvement in 911 and the videos of him produced afterwards are obvious fakes.

- Best of all, they believe that 90,000 tons of steel, enough to build an aircraft carrier, nearly half of that in 47 continuous vertical core box columns as wide as six feet, gets soft or mushy from a relative thimble full of kerosene, or .05 percent by weight of the steel, and burning office furniture, enough to fall straight down at the speed of a bowling ball dropped from the same height (free-fall speed through air.) This is like trying to melt a crowbar with rolled up newspapers soaked in lighter fluid. No matter how long you stand there, that crowbar ain't going to get soft and mushy. It will still break bricks,even though it may be too hot to hold. You need a blast furnace with lots high grade coal and enclosed under a mechanically forced air supply for that. THOSE FACTORIES ARE IN CHINA NOW THANKS TO THE SAME PEOPLE WHO DID 911! HOW DO YOU FEEL?

- Ah yes, then there is Building 7, the one most Americans still don't know about. Three towers fell on that day. Building 7 - get this - without being hit by a plane, also fell flat into its footprint at free-fall speed. It is speculated the command center for the operation was there.

(For another experiment, try burning lots of synthetic carpet, computer plastic, and kerosene in your wood stove. See if it gets soft.)

Buildings roll down into themselves, and the aliens are coming. The Earth goes around the Sun, and 911 was an inside job.

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for putting this together.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


Can't wait for the next dozen.

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything ♞Twain

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