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"Silver Pauls" Coming!

From Max Keiser's website today:

Posted on May 21, 2011 by maxkeiser
Phase 2

Phase 1 of the SLA’s campaign took us from $9 silver to above JPM’s stock price in the mid-$40′s (remember, Max & Stacy started this whole thing back in 2002 – the Alex Jones Nov. 2010 ‘crash jpm’ phase of the campaign was a tie in with JPM’s stock price – the latest development at that time – as part of the campaign that kicked off in 2002. The latest phase being this RP phase). And then, as we predicted 2 years in advance, when silver hit the mid-to-high 40′s level, it would encounter serious JPM manufactured volatility wherein millions more physical silver buyers would be radicalized (since 2002, the price of silver has annualized at greater than 20% a year, as we predicted – with the price this year currently up 16%).

. . . Now, in phase 2 of the Silver Revolution we are looking to widen the SLA by up to 100 mn. more soldiers. Catalyst X Media’s Troy James (who is also an outstanding Canadian) had the 100 million or so Ron Paul supports around the world in mind when he commissioned 10,000,000 1/10th Oz, 2011/12 “Silver Keiser” rounds with Ron Paul 2012 engraved in the round – but spelled backwards – 2102LUAPNOR – to accommodate the unofficial, unauthorized Silver Revolution phase 2 frenzy created by international fans of Ron Paul 2012 and the global insurrection against bankster occupation.

Buying silver rounds this way may not be for you. There are many ways to buy physical silver, this is just one way, and it might not be the best way for you. Also, the mint who mints these rounds – from what I hear – takes 6 to 16 weeks to mint them – they are back-ordered – and have limited capacity – so keep that in mind. Also, MKC has given CXM free use of my name and image – but we don’t have any interest in these rounds other than to boost awareness of physical silver. If you have any complaints, complain to CXM. Any complaints we get, we just pass them on to CXM. Save time, complain directly to Troy James and CXM

See maxkeiser.com

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Just ordered the min of 5. Shipping is 14 dollars. 6 to 8 weeks delivery.

I'm considering

Wonder what the good Dr. thinks of this?


I doubt he would buy these coins. It has Max Keiser's mug on it. But if anything it is good that Max wants to get good silver in the market.