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1PM Eastern 5/21 NOW

Calls will be taken on C-Span after Herman Cain's speech.

Let's let folks know what kind of candidate he is.

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Well, he sure seems to like

Well, he sure seems to like the Constitution, but is a bit scary as a "warmonger-type". It is good to hear him speak, though--he is pretty used to talking to a lot of people, and is quite powerful. He could probably win any debate he was in, tho he would not beat Ron by much...

phone numbers

202-585-3885 D

202-585-3886 R

202-585-3887 I

He is a good speaker. His

He is a good speaker. His foreign policy as stated now.."Don't throw your friends under the bus"..he is on now.."Don't mess with us" (to our enemies..) argh