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American Community Survey

I know there have been other postings on here about this, but last time I looked, I couldn't really find any definitive answers to my question. I have received a letter saying I was getting one, then I received the actual survey, then I received a postcard saying I should have gotten one and just today I have received a second survey. What will happen if I continue to ignore it. Has anyone else just ignored this problem like me and what was your result? Did they contact you? Did they threaten or fine you? Can they really force me to do this survey? I don't really want any legal problems, but darn it, this is unconstitutional and an invasion of my privacy. I answered only # of people on the regular census last year.

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Misdemeanor, punishable by not more than $5000 fine.

I would tell them the first time I am not interested. The second time they bothered me with it, I would tell them continued contact would be considered harassment and I'd call the law.
Here's the details:

Undo what Wilson did