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Florida Republicans for Paul, win the Florida Straw Poll


I wanted to pass along what appears to be a pretty important straw poll, taking place here in Florida. The amount of free publicity that Dr. Paul would receive if he won would be amazing in such an important state. The first three poll winners went on to win the Republican nomination.

So here is some information about Presidency 5 in Orlando, FL.

-FOX News Debate is Sept.22nd at Rosen Center

-The straw poll will be on Sept. 24th

-In between, the RPOF will hold its quarterly meeting and the candidates will be hosting events to court straw poll voters.

-There are a total of 3,500 voting delegates and 700 backup delegates. About 30% of the delegates are either automatic (legislators, congressmen and members of the RPOF executive committee) or selected by local party leaders, but 70% will be chosen by lottery at county "caucuses" around the state held between June 15 and August 1.

-The only requirement to be eligible to become a delegate is to be registered Republican in the state of Florida as of February 1st, 2011.

-All delegate applicants must register online by June 10th, and applicants must be PHYSICALLY PRESENT at the county caucus in the county where they are registered in order to win the lottery.

-Once you have been selected to be a delegate, the fee to participate is $175, which does not include your hotel room.

For more information, please visit; http://www.presidency5.com/

Unite with supporters for Paul here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?290042-Presidency-5

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Good luck with that.

Ron Paul had one of his worst showings of 2007 in Florida.
On the other hand, before Barry Goldwater, there was no Florida GOP to speak of.