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Rand Paul on the cover of the Weekly Standard! VERY GRACIOUS article from a neo-con rag!

The tide is turning!

Here's a snippet from the article entitled "Rand Paul’s Balancing Act":

"The genius of Rand Paul is that, by picking his battles and finessing his message, he earns mainstream credibility without jettisoning his small-government and non-interventionist bonafides. “I think he’s been great,” Brian Doherty told me. Doherty’s an editor at Reason magazine and the author of Radicals for Capitalism, a history of American libertarianism. “He’s been surprisingly excellent as a rhetorician for the ideas.” Doherty’s boss at Reason, editor in chief Matt Welch, has a cover story in the June issue on Paul. “He has done more to inject libertarian ideas into the Washington debate than any senator I can remember,” writes Welch, “all within his first three months in office.” "

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Rand is acceptable to the GOP establishment for two reasons.

One, he is incrementally farther to the Right on Defense than his father, and the military-industrial complex is the most important lobby for the Republican Party.

Two, now that Ron is running, they know that Rand isn't. The reporting is softer when there's no threat of being elected President...as we have seen.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Just read it

As a whole I liked it. He does use those usual terms to explain Ron, but it was nice to see a kind of play by play of Rands run for Senate. Worth the read.

At the bottom there is a place to email the writer. I did and thanked him. Also noting I will buy the first Weekly Standard magazine in my life because Rand is on the cover.

That was enjoyable.

Thanks for posting.