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Bin Laden Death Script & the Needed Trigger for Next Step - Pakistan

Excellent timely article from Sibel Edmonds


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I haven't heard from Ms. Edmonds in some time - too long.


now that i thnk about it... "awesome" may be the wrong word here... *shivers

March 2013

Pakistan is done, just my guess considering the election cycle that just kicked off and of course the inauguration


What's interesting is, PNAC might NOT get its way here

China might have the upper hand.

Russia may back China

Rumors abound of dismantling the US armed drone program.

good read

Lots of good information backed up with sources. Thanks and keep it comin'

Killer article

Thanks for posting. This deserves a re-read already.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Thank you so much for posting this

incredibly informative article. PNAC's a bunch of psychopaths. I'm not surprised by anything here, sick and twisted as it is.

Really excellent

eye-opening article. I did not know about Pakistan's relationship with China. This article is enlightening. Thank you.