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Adrian Wyllie Surrenders License in Florida Real ID Protest, Notifies Police

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Sort of funny

Also, not at all surprising. While it's very easy to get paranoid and declare that we are all living in a police state, that's not really the case.

Of course he did not get "busted" for his voluntary, recorded and polite protest. While it is true that the first amendment should be enforced for all regardless of the manner in which it is invoked, the truth is that it is not. The police are not some elite immoral strike force, they are just guys doing a job- usually for crappy pay, with long hours and a lot of BS to deal with.

When a cop runs across an obviously educated white guy who is politely citing legal sources and wearing a tie, they generally do not hit him with a taser and start beating the guy with a billy club. They're probably inclined to just get away as quickly as they can- it looks and smells like a trap, and they don't want to be the one to get caught in it.

There are others who *do* get the full treatment from the police, but they go about things very differently. They are generally belligerent, often difficult to understand, and appear to be on the edge of violence. Their speech should also be protected, but in reality, they are actually bringing a lot of the immediate retaliation on themselves by picking the fight.

So, what conclusions can we draw from that? Personally, I have no doubt that we are intentionally being impoverished and stripped of our rights at a high level, but I don't believe that the rank-and-file of the police forces are in on it. They're blue-collar working stiffs who just want to get through their shift and maybe grill out and have a beer afterwards. Cut them some slack, seriously. When they're dressed in riot gear and busting heads, that is the time to meet violence with violence if you're so inclined- but if they're not bugging you, focus your efforts on making real and lasting change through making solid arguments and building support for them. All inciting the police is going to do is provoke rioting, and it's a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Aut Invenium Viam Aut Faciam.


should be our first weapon. Awesome post btw.

fortune favors the bold

To Funny !

Wow this guy has ball's. Real I.D. has to go!


Tax dollars at work ;)...wtg !!!


for those who dont know of him...check out his radio show

Fridays 9 to 11 am on AM 1340 & 1350 in Tampa Bay and AM 880 in Little Rock. 866-826-1340

BTW-- please post any updates to this story! This is breaking ground stuff! I know of many people who did this before, but none documented it as well as he is doing .

Here are some updates - he

Here are some updates -
he got a ticket for driving with no license www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgrWsJIt7SE

and just got arrested for driving without the license. Ben Swann interviewed him about that www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WRIhqUCrKM

Now he can take his case to a jury of his peers

He is also running for Governor of Florida www.wyllieforgovernor.com

This is interesting

bump for a view later.

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This is something.