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Thoughts, Words, Prayers and Deeds are with Joplin, MO and other Tornado Victims

124 confirmed killed...
Warning Graphic and Inspiring (they make it!)
Don't show this to young children.

After: http://www.youtube.com/wa...


American Red Cross offer help; registers victims with survivor registry...

Jasper County Law Enforcement Agencies Live Audio Feed

Joplin, MO Ron Paul Meetup:

"Pizza By Stout, the venue for the meetup that was scheduled for 05/24/2011 was destroyed in the tornado that stuck yesterday evening. I will be helping with the search and rescue probably for the next few days...."

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Please! this tool is saving lives from storms

Folks, please use

There are oodles of folks now who have learned how to spot the rings and squares that can forecast the arrival of severe weather and pinpoint the towns and cities. Lives have literally been saved as folks use all media available from telephones to tweets to notify not only family and friends but the general populace.

The YouTube site noted carries the updates in the comments section as well as on the sites of several active viewers. What you are now seeing in the midwest will continue. The giant storm is swirling around on itself and will repeat based on the many rings that have been visible all day within the storms. The systems out of Montana, Utah and now the west coast will be sucked into the centers of the rings running from Dallas north and east to the top of the corridor now visible as a gigantic storm track.

This is a proven forecasting device. Notice I have not said a thing about who or what, is responsible for the rings nor what their purpose might be.

Phil. 4:13

In La Crosse, WI

My neighborhood got jacked by a tornado which was at its strongest (according to the weather service) one block from my place. Only damage to my place is to the roof, but the apartment building a block away is missing their roof, and parts of it are in my yard with leaves, branches, insulation, garbage, etc. everywhere. My neighbors storm window was cracked by a branch and part of a roof hit our light pole, which sliced through 3-4' of OSB and shingle. Wish I could post the pictures.

Wow...Bless all of you who

Wow...Bless all of you who are affected by this. My family's hearts go out to you. It just goes to show you how fragile life is. Freaks accidents like this give me strength and perseverance when thinking about the cause for liberty. Your life can be taken at any second, so never give up, and give it all you've got!! May the dead rest in peace.

Severe weather update

24 - 48 hours from 11 pm CST May 22, be watchful, severe weather expected in the following based on radar return signatures:(this is after current storm cells pass through the areas, including what is hitting SW Missouri right now)
link at bottom for monitoring, updates. Joplin was called by the folks monitoring these signatures. Please stay safe.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Southern Missouri (Springfield, Rolla, Lebanon -- north to Bowling Green MO)

Kansas City, MO

Georgetown, San Antonio, and Dallas Texas

Little Rock Arkansas

Fayetteville Arkansas

Grand Rapids Michigan

Nashville Tennessee , Knoxville, Chatanooga Tennessee

Hazelgreen , Huntsville Alabama

Oswego, Watertown, Boonville New York


Phil. 4:13

Boy was I lucky.

I had no idea the storms were that bad. I was down there this weekend underneath my brothers car trying to fix it so we could get it out of state. The wind picked up and it looked really cruddy. On the drive back north we watched 2 storms on either side of the interstate and could only wonder if we were going to get dumped on. We were in the springfield/rolla area and it appears that it wasnt as bad there + I think we left but an hour before it got ugly..

My heart truly goes out to you guys

After all Ive seen and been through here in Alabama the past few weeks I would not wish this on my worst enemy. F4 or F5 tornados are the absloute worst thing you can imagine going through. My wife lost a friend and several of her family members houses are concrete slabs, thats it.

Was it just this one town that was hit?

I hope CyndeZu and her family are ok

She was tweeting where shelters were and where help was needed all last night.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

expressing my sympathy . . .

for those involved in this disaster--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Bailout Receivers

Should give back to these communities all of these funds imo.


I lived in Joplin for a few

I lived in Joplin for a few years and my husband is from there. All his family is there and everyone is okay, but his brother and their family lost their home.

The business heart of Joplin is pretty much gone - one of the Wal-marts and dozens of other major businesses and fast food places are all gone. The apartment complex where I used to live is gone.

That's on top of the hospital in this video.

Stunning Video - WARNING Disturbing -

Don't show this to young children:

Ultimately, this video is inspiring - and doesn't end badly, but it's not for the faint of heart. Most stunning tornado video/audio I've ever seen.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Utter desolation,

Utter desolation, unbelievable.

Looks like a war zone - I bet many more have perished than initial estimates.

What is the population of this Joplin?


Joplin has about 50,000

Joplin has about 50,000 people, but the daytime population reaches nearly 300,000. It's really the only major city in southwest Missouri, short of Springfield, which is 75 miles away.


Could not imagine if this happened on a weekday.



There was a touchdown in North Eastern OK that hit just 1/4 mile from the pit gate of my race track near West Siloam Springs OK. There was debris scattered across US Hwy 412. I have no word on any casualties yet.

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