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Do you think having Libertarian/Constitution Party candidates is just plain stubborn of them at this point?

NOTE: This is all in context of the Primary election

I want your take on this.

Having Ron out there on the national airwaves almost every week day, getting on televised debates and having a huge following in the liberty movement, do you think, at this point in time, having the liberty-minded 3rd parties run their candidates against Dr. Paul really helps or hurts the liberty movement during the primaries?

Me personally, in terms of the primary elections, having the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party not support Dr. Paul this time around and encourage people to not register Republican would just seem selfish and naive. The underlying message of liberty is the same amongst us all and as of RIGHT NOW, we have the best chance with Dr. Paul. I hope the liberty-minded 3rd parties can all come together and endorse Dr. Paul during this crucial election cycle, because if they don't, then all of what will happen is just the creation of a larger vote gap, in which case will all blow up in our faces again with another lose for liberty.

I hope organizations like LPAC, teh RLC and the Campaign for Liberty can all encourage us to get as many people Registered Republican ASAP so we can all come together under one banner and spread the message of freedom and liberty with the driving force that is Ron Paul. I hope you all will join in this effort, because it is an important effort; one that holds to our cause.

We can also encourage our Libertarian/Constitutional outlets like Reason Magazine,Infowars.com, Lew Rockwell.com, Republic Magazine and others to get this too.

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Ron Paul! 2012! GOP Primary. Iowa Straw Poll. August 13th (2011).


Jack Wagner

They are going to put Paul on their ticket.

They have to or they will not survive.

They will fall below the ballot access requirements in many states this go around if they don't.

Same with Nader and the Greens.

They need Paul more than Paul needs them.

It's an easy call for them.

They won't even have to do any fundraising.

The only thing wrong with this scenerio is that Paul may reject their invitation.

There will need to be some background discussion on this between the Paul camp and the 3rd parties.

Even if Paul wins the nomination, I see no reason why he can't also represent those other parties as well. There might be some state laws restricting this, but in the states that allow it, I don't see why it can't work.

It is a natural extension of the ground work Paul laid out in the previous campaign.

This is a great opportunity for the 3rd parties to focus on their down tickets and get some victories at the local level.

They are NOT going to put Paul on their ticket...

....even if they did it would accomplish NOTHING.

The members of their party need to vote for Paul on the REPUBLICAN ticket end of story.

The reason they will not do the above is because they want to raise the $100,000 from their own memberships so they can keep a national office and fundraiser mailing list going.

That's called corruption by the way.

Which is why it's Paul 2012 or BUST!

Of course some states are different ...

and I would encourage people to do as you say in the closed primary states.

In Ohio, I can walk into the voting booth and declare what primary I want to vote in. That is how you declare your party. Very simple.

Last Election

the Constitution Party supported and campaigned for Ron Paul until he was no longer running. Then Chuck Baldwin took the CP slot (with Dr. Paul's endorsement) so principled constitutionalists would have someone to vote for in the general election.

you dont know what you are talking about.

"someone to vote for" haha. Someone listed in the bottom corner with extra small print in a list of 10 or more people who are "3rd party". RIGHT.


Don't worry, I'm still attending Green Party meetings despite the fact that I'm registering Republican for Ron Paul, and am trying to talk as many people (Greens even) to register the same to vote in the Primary. However, if RP doesn't get the nomination, I'm not voting for Obama or Romney (or whoever), and I'm not going to "not vote" - so having another candidate to at least have my views represented is something I like.

Ideally there will be no parties, no primaries, and every candidate will have to fulfill the same requirements to get ballot access. Until then we need to use the system as it "functions."

But maybe you are right and being a pessimist/realist is a far better way to approach life. Takes all kinds I guess.

Jack Wagner


That's the spirit!

RON PAUL OR BUST 2012 (quite literally)!

In the case of the 2012

In the case of the 2012 election, I think both the LP and CP should ask all their members to support Ron Paul and register Republican to vote for him in the primary. Then they can switch back to their 3rd party affiliation after the primaries. This is the only shot we have on getting Ron Paul as the Republican nominee, so both parties should fully back him! This is about a message, not political parties!

As I recall..

Endorsing or supporting candidates outside of the LP is a violation of the Bylaws.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

So the question comes down to ...

how does the LP define a party member.

That can be easily addressed.

Did That Last Time

I won't do it, again. I did walk door-to-door, hold signs at the precinct, and vote for Dr. Paul, and I increased his results in my precinct by 25%. I might do some of that again, but I won't waste my vote trying to be the tie-breaker that gets Dr. Paul the nomination. The GOP and Dems can sink or swim on their own.

The GOP delegates need to pass bylaws that allow them to vote to nominate the best candidate, not for the one the voters choose. Until they have barriers to entry, they can't stick to principles. (LP'ers have a pledge.)

LP delegates in CA can vote for anyone they like and are not bound by the popularity poll called a "primary" held by the state at public expense.

We could nominate Dr. Paul, again, if he would accept. However, this idea of switching (aside from the fact I voted for a nominee twice in two different parties) puts too much emphasis on a single person in a single race. State and local races are much more important (nullification won't work otherwise).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Third-Party is great

Gotta go with your gut and stick to your guns. Plus, if RP doesn't win the GOP Nomination, you'll want someone to vote for in the General Election.

Jack Wagner

They are stupid.

to think that they can restore the u.s. constitution by playing by their own rules...hah. what a freakin joke. They need to learn that to win you gotta play the opponents game on the opponents turf. Ron Paul doesnt run libertarian because he knows how stupid it really is. Millions of dollars to register here and there,waste of time and waste of money...no inclusion in nationally broadcasted debates and no publicity. Libertarian party is a joke anyhow for nominating Bob Barr. Constitution party..same crap..bunch of clowns dont know how the ugly world of politics works. Its a fantasy land for those 2 parties to ever think that 3rd party will be permitted before actually restoring the u.s. constitution.

The only reason I voted in 2008 was because of a Third Party.

I appreciated having a candidate on the ballot I believed in...Chuck Baldwin. Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin.

Why don't you stop denouncing people who are honestly trying to make a difference, and denounce the crooked scum in the two-party system instead?

Support the Constitution of the United States

I don't think it is our place to tell the LP and CP what to do.

We certainly haven't given much encouragement to LP and CP candidates and, even if we had, to most we should do is ask.

well, given what candidates

well, given what candidates were nominated last go around and their almost ZERO detection on the national radar, do you think that they are just digging a deeper hole for themselves? I certainly do.

- Brennan

But We Sleep Well At Night

I can happily say I've never voted for an authoritarian, constitution-shredding, patronizing, economics idiot, candidate.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Good onya, my friend

Me neither. I have voted Libertarian for more than 40 years, until I finally gritted my teeth and registered Republican to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries in 2008. I think that in California I can now register Libertarian and still vote for Dr. Paul in the primary, but if I can't, I guess I'll grit my teeth again and call myself a Republican for the primaries again. But we all must do what our conscience tells us. I can happily say that I also have never voted for an authoritarian, constitution-shredding, pagtronizing, economics idiot candidate either. Of course, I'm also very happy that we now have people on our side who have, in the past done so but no longer intend to.