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Cain: The Cain plan can't work now

Cain spends five minutes detailing "The Cain Plan" only to then admit, "the Cain plan can't work now". LMAO. Offers no alternative. That's it. He eventually touches on "The Hermanator PAC" and "The Cain Doctrine", which says “Don't mess with Israel. You mess with Israel, you mess with the US”. Not quite consistent with the real tea party's "America First" position, but no. He's not a plant. Hehe. Then instead of admitting he doesn't know what the Palestinian's "right of return" is (I didn't either, but I'm not running), he doesn't own up and pretends to know, throwing out a safe generic comment, "That's something that should be negotiated".


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Herman Cain't

Herman Cain't

Cain's tax problem.

I find it hilarious that most Americans don't realize that going to 23% sales tax alone will cause a huge inflationary effect and will make purchasing US goods less favorable and the US less competitive. He is going to shift the 50% employer contribution on SSI back to the employee. I've been on both sides of this matter, as an employer and employee. Shifting this burden back to the employee is nuts. This is exactly why Dr. Paul is right on allowing an opt-out of SSI. The fair/flat tax would be so destructive to the system right now. I would however look at the elimination of property taxes for an increased sales tax at the state level - as it would restore some property rights.

I must admit that Chris Wallace was very tough in the interview and has been tough on both Ron Paul and Herman Cain. At least that's consistent.

BTW, Herminator PAC! LOL I guess he's Arnold Part Deux.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Once Again...

I am NOT a proponent of the Fair Tax. However, I DO like people to get it right:

The Fair Tax completely REPLACES ALL FEDERAL PAYROLL TAXES. The only items deducted from your paycheck would be State and Local Taxes. SSI DOES NOT fall back to the employee.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

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twice in a row @ 5m30s!

"because they waited too long...that's not leadership!" [Suggesting unworkable plans is!]

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